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April 16th, 2019

It looks like we have a rewarding day ahead!

Our general energy card is the 6 of Earth/Pentacles. This is about the exchange of money. You are either helping someone in need or someone is helping you. This could involve someone who is also paying back a debt that is owed to you. This is about putting things in balance. If you are able to give it is always good to help someone in need, but not in a way that is making the other person feel small. This is giving from the heart.

The relationship message is Milk and Honey. Perhaps this exchange of money today puts your relationships in a happy place. It is a good feeling knowing someone respects and loves you enough to either provide help when needed or pay back a debt. Plus when we feel good we attract more good things to us. Be open to giving and receiving in your relationships and you too can arrive in the land of milk and honey.

The action/advice is from our Goddess Nike. We are feeling very ambitious today and that means we need to take action to achieve our goals. You are determined, you have been making the effort and as the first card states you can expect some sort of reward or recognition for your efforts today. And don't shy away from your success, you deserve it! You have worked really hard and no one should be able to knock you off the podium, so don't let them.

The numerological energy is a 5. The change today is very positive and because of your flexibility even more opportunities are opening up for you.

The astrological energy has Venus at the last degree of Pisces where she has been feeling very good. As our planets enter and exit a sign they are at their strongest. There could be the potential for a love partner to make a rather grand gesture, but just remember this is Pisces and things can be a little foggy, so look before you leap. Mars in Gemini is making our tempers a little on the short side. Fire and Air mixed together can make things pretty hot. Add the full moon into the mix on Friday morning and things are starting to get intense. Hence we have 'fires' in the world right now. Just be aware and do your best not to stoke the fires. Instead use this energy to motivate yourself to get that mounting paperwork done. But bite your tongue! You don't want to regret your words later. The moon in Virgo is opposing Neptune so our Intuition and Emotions are opposing our Spirituality. This is about being more aware and not putting blind trust in leaders that are not actually enhancing your spirituality, they are 'selling' you something that isn't real. Saturn/Pluto/South Node in Capricorn are tearing down structures and large institutions that no longer serve us. This will continue into 2020, but intensely through the end of October we will see leadership challenges, as the South Node continues this contact with Saturn and Pluto. The key is to remain flexible and anything being removed from your life should be let go easily. If not, it's gonna get really crunchy around here!

Love and Light.

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