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A Full Blue Moon October 31st, 2020

Full Moon in Taurus

Our second full moon in the month of October is called a Blue Moon. Since they occur less often, like the saying once in a Blue Moon, we are in for a rare treat of energy. Add to this the fact that it falls on Halloween or Samhain, all kinds of strange and mystical events are possible. By the time it’s all over we just might be saying, what the heck just happened here.

For the Moon to be full it has to stand exactly opposite the Sun. This time the Sun will be at 8 degrees of Scorpio and the Moon will be in its second favorite sign to its home sign of Cancer, the sign of Taurus. The Moon travels around the Sun in just under 29 days each month. This is why we end up with 13 full moons a year. The Moon being full represents completing an emotional journey. Bringing something to fruition. What kind of goals did you set with the last New Moon, or in particular with the last New Moon in Taurus? This is when you may see those goals being achieved. However I don’t expect them to unfold in an easy way, like at all.

With all oppositions we need to balance out the opposing energies. The Sun in Scorpio is highlighting our need to connect with the non-material world, the underworld, our intense emotions, like sexuality. It has a strong desire to feel experiences deeply. This makes us very sensitive as we expose ourselves to these raw emotions. The Moon in Taurus is reveling in the experiences we get from our 5 senses. It wants to have enriching interactions with what we see, touch, hear, taste, and smell. The richer the better. This is why Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and this sign rules beauty, luxuries, and sensuality. The opposite energy from Venus is Pluto, ruler of the underworld and the sign of Scorpio.

This full moon each year asks us to balance our sensuality and our sexuality. Our mystical with the material. Our ability to love with our need for sex. But adding some extra flavor to this full moon is the fact that the planet Uranus is exactly conjunct the Moon in the sign of Taurus. This means anything goes. Surprises should be expected and those New Moon wishes you made just might be fulfilled in the most bizarre ways. Standing close to the Sun is Juno, the marriage asteroid. Your willingness to commit to something is coming full circle. Uranus wants you to break free, to create some sort of revolution, especially an emotional one. Remember the Moon rules not only our emotions, but home and family. It represents motherhood, nourishment and caring. Uranus is stirring things up at home in connection with the Moon.

While not directly involved in the full Moon itself, Mercury and Saturn are in an exact square at 26 degrees. Mercury is almost done with the retrograde back into Libra, it will make it as far back as 25 degrees. So this standoff with Saturn is the 2nd time these two have met. Whatever has been happening for you will finish on the third pass once Mercury begins to move forward again and they are exact on November 5th. Saturn rules the government and Mercury rules communication. This of course is attached to the election news in the United States, but we also will see other countries with frustration around speaking up. Libra is the sign of relationships so this could be part 2 of an argument that isn’t finished yet in your personal life. In fact you might something out you wished you hadn’t.

Venus the ruler of this full moon is opposing Chiron. Venus has recently entered her other home sign of Libra, love is on her agenda. But Chiron has an old wound relating to love, maybe self-worth that is asking to be healed. Something strange could come up with this full moon that makes you face this old wound head on. Remember the way out is to be loving, to treat your old wound with love, and not try to just banish or bury it. Venus is also what we call inconjunct this full moon, which means 150 degrees away. This is what adds to the weirdness around love and relationships. This is why we need to really step back and let this unfold as it should. Remember the Universe brings things to be in a way that is for the greater good. You just may not realize it at the time. Kinda like eating your carrots and realizing years later you went longer than most before you needed those reading glasses! If you do fall for someone right now it is definitely not going to be what you expected. The timing is all wrong, the person is not what you wished for, and you are so different you can’t imagine it ever working. Expect the unexpected and see what unfolds for you.

Speaking of that let’s see what you might expect to see get a shake up based on your Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign. Each impacts you in a unique way. The Sun is more internal, Moon, an emotional event, and Rising sign is most noticeable in your day to day life.

Aries - the 2nd house is the house that Venus rules, so your experience is about bringing something Venusian to fullness, but with a surprise of course. All the things mentioned above apply to you. The 2nd house is the money we make, and closely tied to our self worth. Money that you weren’t expecting could appear for you. Venus in your 7th house says there is a twist to your serious relationships.

Taurus - this happens for you in your first house, the house of self. Have you been focused on beauty lately or is it love that has you in its grips. Maybe you have been all about working on reinventing yourself. Venus is in your 6th house of daily routines, seems to be making uncomfortable changes in your daily life. What do you need to let go of?

Gemini -this is happening in your 12th house, the house of things that are hidden and large institutions. Maybe you have had a secret lover and now this relationship is out in the open. Or maybe this person makes their feelings known to you. Venus is in your house of fun and romance, the 5th house. Definitely some sort of surprise when you are out doing something fun. Or you could take a hobby into the limelight in a unique and fun way.

Cancer - the 11th house is about networking, friends, benefactors, it is the house that Uranus rules so your surprise of the full moon could be quite shocking. Maybe you meet up with someone in a unique way that leads you to join a new club. Maybe a club or group you belong to suddenly decides to disband, or maybe you receive an inheritance from a long lost relative? Venus in your 4th house means things at home are a little out of sorts. A wish about your living arrangements is fulfilled in a strange way.

Leo - the 10th house rules career and fame. This could be you deciding you are changing career paths or your status could be changing in some way. Elopement? Divorce? Whatever you decide it will shock everyone around you. Venus in your 3rd house means something that is communicated to you is definitely odd or surprising. Best check the mail!

Virgo - the 9th house rules higher learning, faraway travel, teaching, expanding your mind in some way. This could be your Harry Potter moment, an entire novel idea could be downloaded to you. Uranus has been in your 9th house for some time now. How are you evolving? If you are trying to ignore this process you won’t be able to any longer. Venus is in your 2nd house of the money you make. Maybe a really old bill appears or someone pays you back that you never expected would.

Libra - in the 8th house you are focusing on finishing up some transformative work. This is the house that rules death, taxes, sexuality, and other peoples money. This could be surprise debt that your spouse has and you were not aware of. Maybe you have decided to make a change where your sex life is concerned. Tired of being alone or meaningless sex? Venus is in your first house so you will have love on the mind. Just don’t go too crazy on tattoos or hairdo’s that can’t be undone easily. Not a good time for adding your lover’s name to your body to say the least.

Scorpio - With the Sun in your sign you feel this opposition strongly. The Moon is in your 7th house of serious relationships, this means letting go of something so you can get what you deserve. Venus is in your 12th house, so you are releasing some old beliefs about love, and what you deserve. This aha moment could be very freeing for you. The past does not define you, you define what you want and go after it. You just might do so in a very surprising way.

Sagittarius - something in your daily routines is coming to a conclusion. This could involve your health or your work. Could be time to finally kick off a good fitness and health routine. Venus in your 11th house brings a surprise from a close friend that perhaps shocks you out of your old habits. Maybe they experience a loss that has you questioning how you spend your time on a day to day basis.

Capricorn - your 5th house of fun, kids, romance and hobbies is challenged by the 11th house of networking and friends. Are you so busy with taking care of your child that you aren’t putting yourself out there enough to grow your business? Venus in your 10th house of career says a unique opportunity may present itself to you and suddenly you have to learn to reprioritize.

Aquarius - it’s the 4th house of home and family that is coming up for you. Are you thinking of moving, remodeling, or maybe just some major redecorating? Chances are these turn out much differently than you had planned. Venus is in your 9th house which says something abroad might have an impact on your choice of living location. Maybe your faraway lover is still stuck because of Covid and finally able to move in with you?

Pisces - the 3rd house rules communication, our local community and short distance travel. This means it rules your vehicles so please make a point to drive very carefully during the full moon. Now if you are looking for a new car, or another type of electronic device, be warned. It is still Mercury retrograde and anything you purchase now will come with a likely unwelcome surprise. Venus in your 8th house says you should not take on any type of debt you can’t afford easily. And the same goes for your spouse. Maybe they get a new job in an industry that you never expected though and are better able to contribute.

All of the above of course are just some ways the full moon may present itself to you. With Uranus involved, with the energy of Halloween, and the inconjunction back to Venus, the ruler of the full moon, anything is bound to happen. I would make an effort to do a full moon ceremony so you can try to direct some of the energy. It feels frustrating, and exhausting, also very confusing, so you won’t have a lot of control. But you can control how you react. So set an intention to complete something you have been putting off. Show the universal energies you know how to let go what does not serve you. And if you do so based on the houses mentioned above, better yet. You have a week to prepare, so start now.

Love and Light!

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