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New Moon in Virgo August 30, 2019

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

The New Moon in Virgo will have you taking out your list and checking it twice! No it's not about your Christmas shopping list, but you might want to start planning for doing just that!

The New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon join together at the 6 degree mark of Virgo. Which if you read my weekly horoscopes you know the 6 represents being open to giving and receiving, love in particular. And Virgo is the 6th house in the Zodiac so we have a lot of 6 energy going on. In fact if you live on the West Coast it is happening at 6:36 am. You can't make this stuff up!

The new moon brings new beginnings in the area of Virgo themes, health, daily routines, animals, planning, and organizing. When your ego Sun combines with our emotional Moon you are making choices that feel good to your soul. This is a really good time to kickoff a new health routine, and by good health I don't just mean your diet. This can be physical and mental well-being. This is a good time for a mediation practice that you have been looking into and now ready to launch. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, so all things involving the mind are on the table.

Speaking of Mercury it will be conjunct the new moon having just entered Virgo and at the 2 degree mark. This is very supportive energy, helping you come up with new plans that will have some sticking power. Add to that these planets are all making positive energy connection over to Uranus and you have a new moon that could really be full of happy surprises. Wherever Virgo is in your chart you will see a huge surge of energy already with the stellium of planets here, including Mars and Venus. If you are wondering why you are suddenly very OCD in a particular area you can thank Virgo season for that!

On the other side of the new moon we have Mars at 7 degrees. This is what will help you take action on your plan. Sometimes we have the best of intentions, but no follow through. Well Mars will push you to follow through, to see your plan come to life, and give you some sticking power over the next several weeks to help cement the new routine or behavior. This is overall a very positive new moon for manifesting changes in your health and work routines.

Venus at 11 degrees is forming a trine over to Saturn. This gives a serious nature to love and money during the new moon. Saturn is supportive when we are being responsible with our Venus energy. He will reward you for doing the work. This will help that new beginning to become actualized. Saturn is always a welcome energy when you need discipline and order in your life. Venus is the first of the planets in Virgo to make this contact with Saturn, but all will soon follow over the next several weeks. Take full advantage of this energy while it is here, I promise you will be very happy you did. The squares coming up when all these planets hit Libra next month are going to test your relationships big time. So do the work now, build your foundations, openly communicate. This will save you from quitting something you start during Virgo season.

There is a loose tquare between Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. This is another chance for us to stand up for what we believe in. This is not about something of the material world, this goes much deeper. The new moon may give you a glimpse into what that means for you and then it will build going into next week.

You new moon wishes should focus on health, eliminating unwanted weight, new exercise routines, finding a good health practitioner, or finding a healer outside of the realms of modern medicine.

How might the new moon impact you based on your sun, moon or rising sign:

Virgo - This is your new moon. And if you were born this week you have a year full of new beginnings ahead of you. This happens in your first house. So all things representing the self are up for renewal. You might change your physical appearance, improve your self image, seek out a healer for whatever ails you. Definitely a positive new beginning for you.

Libra - your 12th house is highlighted. This is the house of hidden things. There might be something on your mind that you have been trying to work out. You could be feeling a little bit more reclusive as your 12th house is lit up by all the planets moving through here. This can make for some sleepless nights. It is a really good time for tuning in and seeing what your mind is focused on so you can clear out the clutter. Release the past, as this is the house of endings.

Scorpio - your 11th house being highlighted means you may be introduced to a new networking group. If you struggle to release weight on your own this could be a really great time to seek out a support group. New friendships formed at this time will be influential and beneficial for a long time to come. This is also the house of rewards, so go buy that $1 lottery ticket.

Sagittarius - the 10th house of career, fame and recognition gets a new start. You could start a new job, take on new responsibilities at work, or change your status in some way. Single you could be getting married. You could also finally be recognized for something you have put a lot of hard work into. The spotlight is definitely on you.

Capricorn - your 9th house is the house of higher learning, foreigners, long distance travel. If you have been working on a plan for continuing your education all the pieces might just fall into place at this time. If you have been thinking about a trip overseas you might be packing your bags. Maybe you are heading off to study abroad. You are a seeker of knowledge

Aquarius - the 8th house represents transformation, sexuality, resources of others, and taxes of some kind. If married your partner could get a raise. If dating you could be starting a very passionate romance. With the transformational energy you could get a fresh start and finally be able to breakthrough a glass ceiling that you have been letting keep your trapped in some way. Break free!

Pisces - the 7th house rules your serious relationships and partnerships. This a new beginning for you where others are involved. You may start a new partnership at work, take your current relationship to a more serious level. If you meet someone new at this time it has the potential to turn into a long term relationship. Where Virgo is focused on the self you will be more focused on others.

Aries - the 6th house as I mentioned earlier is the house that Virgo rules. So all things mentioned above apply to you. New work and health routines are definitely top of mine. You could start a new role at work. Whatever you are doing you are focused and determined and not shy to kickoff your plans!

Taurus - the 5th house is for fun, hobbies, romances, and your children. You can have a fresh start in any or all of those areas with the new moon. The point is you need to get out and have some fun!!! No more hiding out and just work work working. You are meant to balance work with fun and this new moon with present opportunities for you to do just that!

Gemini - your 4th house of home and family is getting a refresh. You may welcome someone new into your home, start a remodel, or just redecorate your home. Your body is also your home, so you are another sign that could be working on some sort of makeover whether that be on the inside or the outside, maybe both. If you have been planning a move, this is the perfect time to make that happen.

Cancer - the 3rd house rules communication, the community, siblings and cousins. It's all things local. And this house is also ruled by Mercury, like Virgo. So attention to details in your communications will be important. In fact you might be receiving a very important communication of some sort that helps you begin something new. This house also rules the internet, so check that email box. Get it sorted and cleaned out. This is a perfect time to start an online business or create and online presence of some sort.

Leo - the 2nd house is all about money and self worth. This could bring a change to the way you personally make money. This could be a new source of income. Venus rules the 2nd house so all things involving sensuality are up for a potential new beginning. Is it time to indulge in that restaurants comfort food menu? Or have things been lacking in the bedroom and it's time to step it up?? One thing is for sure whatever Leo does they do it with a fun and unique flair.

Just a reminder that where this actually occurs for you will be dependent on your actual chart. If you are early or late born in the month you might find the sign before or after you speaks more to your personal experience. I strongly recommend creating a free chart on a site like then you will see what house Virgo is for you and you will know where this new moon will impact you. And as always you can book a reading with me if you want me to do the work for you. :)

Love and Light!

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