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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Normally each month we discuss the New Moon and focus on what new things we want to create our wishes for in that particular sign. But when we have an eclipse involved then our wishing powers, our fate, are for lack of a better word very amped up. The Moon is in the way of the Sun's light and casting it's shadow on the Earth. Plus the Moon is in it's home sign of Cancer. Did I mention the amped up energy part? With the light of the Ego Sun blocked out what can you see? But not physically, intuitively. What are your messages about the home you were meant to build for yourself? Cancer represents home and family, our structural self. And today we are creating a brand new one. It is not an overnight change, it is slow and will build for the entire year.

With the Moon and Sun at 10 degrees of Cancer and the Nodes at 17 degrees we get a New Moon with the Solar Eclipse added in and Karma. Any contact with the Nodes brings up our Dharma (North Node) and our Karma (South Node). With this eclipse you can get pointed on the path you are meant to be on, and at the same time let go of some past life Karma that you have been too ingrained in. This is the new beginning you have been waiting for all year. Some may have already started down the path. Eclipse energy can be felt up to six months before and six months after.

Moon in Cancer represents home and family, our mother, our need for nurturing and being nurtured. It is comfort food, it is needing and wanting to feel good, and safe and secure. I often find wherever the Moon is in someone's chart is what they need in this lifetime to feel safe and secure. To feel at home with themselves. But even if you don't have a Moon in Cancer today you will get a feeling for what it is you need to feel safe and secure. Isn't that why we build homes after all? To keep us safe from the elements, to make us feel protected, much like the Cancer crab symbolism of the shell representing the home. Cancer is a very emotional, soft sign in the zodiac. So where are you feeling vulnerable? Where have you built up an outer shell? Because today is moving day. Our shell, our home, no longer fits our lifestyle. We built our starter home, but now we are ready to move into the next level home, the one we could potentially stay in until we retire. But to level up we have to do the work. We have to break down that shell, free ourselves from it, and in our freedom be drawn to the right home.

There are no other direct contacts with the Sun and the Moon. Most all the other energies that are going on have been in their current state for some time. What is new is Mars just entering Leo, helping us to feel much more childlike and fun again. The Sun rules Leo after all and wants you to shine brightly, just not so brightly you forget about your emotions. Mars is also conjunct with Mercury who is slowing down, stationing and about to go retrograde. The sign of Cancer is getting a serious workout this month, as Mercury will start heading back over all the territory it just covered there. Venus will soon enter the sign of Cancer and pass over the Eclipse point, meaning there is some fated occurrences where love is concerned on the very near horizon. This is a really good time to not get attached to any outcomes. Just when you think you know what the path is, something will come along to mix things up.

Your New Moon wishes this month should be focused on all the areas discussed above that relate to the sign of Cancer. I would suggest getting those written out ASAP if you have not done so already. Add some water element to the wishes like blue ink, or blue paper, or write them while burning a blue or even green candle. Just remember to wait until the light of the New Moon starts to shine before you take any permanent action on these new things that appear for you as if out of nowhere.

So what fated event or area will you likely see an impact based on your Sun, Rising or Moon sign?

Cancer this happens in your first house, the house of self, and if you have your birthday this week, you might just have a whole new life starting out for you. This will be a year full of fated new beginnings. Everything about you is open to being reinvented and in a very positive way. And even if it isn't your birthday week you still will see new beginnings involving your self image, your self esteem and how your portray yourself to the world.

Gemini this event occurs in your 2nd house of finances, the way you make money could change as a new income source could appear as if out of nowhere. There is the potential to adopt a new set of values, and experience a level of sensuality you have never experienced before. The 2nd house is ruled by Venus, so it is all the things we love and new beginnings in those areas.

Taurus you will have the eclipse in your 3rd house of communication which is ruled by Mercury, who is stationing to go retrograde by the end of this week. Don't get too attached to whatever new things show up for you that involve your local community, a new course of study, siblings, neighbors. Whatever starts will be looked at again more intently when Mercury comes back over this spot. For now be cautiously optimistic and pay attention to the details!

Aries this will happen for you in your 4th house of home and family, which as mentioned is ruled by the Moon. So all the things discussed earlier about new beginnings at home, within your personal home shell could show up for you. Are you thinking about moving? No? You are now!

Pisces all things in the 5th house can bring new beginnings for you. This is children, as in you might just find out you are having another one. A new creative project, or just a creative impulse you have been lacking. And romance, romance, romance, these are fated new beginnings in love. So brush off that dating profile it is time to get back out there.

Aquarius this happens for you in your 6th house of daily routines, health, work, and our pets. If you have been feeling stuck in a rut this event might just shake you free and present you some new routines, especially in the area of our body since that is a very Cancerian thing. A job offer might show up for you out the blue. Maybe it already has. A new job caring for others would be just the ticket here.

Capricorn your sign will oppose this eclipse from the 7th house. These are fated new beginnings in your partnerships. Relationships started right now are of the soulmate realm and may turn very serious very fast. This is also new business partnerships, something from the past you put some feelers out for that now are coming to light.

Sagittarius this will occur for you in your 8th house of transformation, death, taxes, and other people's resources, such as a spouse. If your partner has been out of work or waiting on a raise this energy might just make it happen. If there is transformational work you have been meaning to get started on this is a sign that it is time. And you will get a nudge to do so. If you are looking for funding for one of your projects you have a good chance of securing it.

Scorpio you will have the Eclipse happening for you in the 9th house, which is the house ruled by Jupiter. You might be feeling pulled very strongly to reexamine your current belief in a higher power. May be called to study abroad or just enroll in that MBA program. It is a higher calling no matter the area it takes form for you.

Libra this is your 10th house of fame and career, recognition. If you have not been following your Midheaven placement in your chart you might get a little surprising course correction from the Universe. This won't just be a job offer, it will be the one. This is your calling, what you are meant to do, what you will be remembered for.

Virgo this is happening in your 11th house of friends and networking. You will be presented with an opportunity to join a new group that will take you places you never expected to 'grow' before. You will be introduced to a whole new life as a result of these new friends, or this new group. So whatever appears for you jump at the chance to join. And no you don't have to be all OCD about it and research it to death, it's fate, jump on in.

Leo this happens in the 12th house which rules the subconscious mind, the hidden, and it rules large institutions. Pay close attention to your thoughts right now, especially your dreams. There is an important message you need to receive. Once you do it might help you release something from the past that is holding you back. Your psychic abilities could be incredibly strong at this time, so tune in.

I am wishing you all an incredible eclipse season. Know what is showing up for you is important. Don't try to shove anything down or push anything or anyone away. There are all kinds of messengers being sent your way, and you won't want to miss a thing!

Love and Light!

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