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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

This is the only Lunar Eclipse visible in 2019 so do your best to get out and view this astronomical miracle. Tonight at approximately 9:15 pm PT will be totality. If the skies are clear you will see what could be a reddish moon, large in the sky above. But if it remains cloudy you might just have to use your imagination. Regardless of whether you can see it or not, it will have an impact just the same.

Yet again we have another 0 degree eclipse, there are a series of 5 this year. The 0 degree is a sign of new beginnings. So while the Full Moon normally brings things to culmination, the purpose of this one is to do so and then create a new beginning. Eclipses mean the North and South Node are involved, so there is always a bit of fate and destiny with each eclipse. These are taking place in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, North and South Node respectively. Both are sitting at the 26 degree mark. The Sun and Moon oppose each other just a few degrees away in Leo and Aquarius.

During an eclipse the earth will move between the moon and the sun causing a shadow across the moon. So what happens when we shut off the light? We find ourselves alone in the dark. If you are afraid of the dark you have to face your fears, fumble around, perhaps frantically, until you find the light switch. However, if you make peace with the dark, you can sit with the darkness and let your eyes adjust so you can 'see' what has been hidden from you so far. Each of us is on our own personal journey so what will be revealed to you during this time will unfold as your story unfolds. For some it could be instant awareness, for others this could take up to 6 months to completely unfold. However, this will be a time where you look back and recognize a shift occurring in your life that put you on a better path.

The Moon in Leo represents our feelings, our emotional security, our intuition. Leo represents our inner lion, our children, our lovers, being on stage, and love for ourselves. The Moon is standing across the sky from the Sun, in an opposition of course, in Aquarius. The Nodes just finished traveling through these 2 signs. So perhaps this is a wrap up to that energy and what it has represented for you over the last 18 months. Aquarius is about ingenuity, standing up for the greater good, protecting the collective, internet, electricity, even quirkiness. Aquarius is ruled after all by Uranus, so expect surprises anytime you have this planet involved. The Sun is the ruler of Leo, so this is really about you standing in a mirror looking at yourself and saying, "Are we really going to keep doing this? What happened to our plan? Where did we get off track. " Now if you are friends with the darkness maybe you are looking at the reflection and giving yourself a big high five!! Whatever you see though it will push you to take action.

Uranus is the tipping point in this eclipse. This planet is forming a T-square to both the Moon and the Sun. And since this planet loves to shake things up, you can certainly expect the unexpected from this meeting. Uranus has recently completed its backward motion in Aries and is moving forward again. By March this planet will move into steady Taurus, where he won't be happy and will be making all earthly things shake, and rattle and roll, sometimes quite literally. But more on that later. It will be near impossible to not take action when Uranus is involved. However, do your best to center yourself before you completely get thrown off balance. You have 2 luminaries opposing each other and a fiesty planet pushing you to make a change, to take some action. You will not be able to just sit idly by on the sidelines. You can try, but I guarantee you a linebacker is headed straight for you, and you will do best to get out of his way, or get squashed in the process.

While not directly involved in the eclipse we have several other squares going on in the sky as well. Squares mean action is needed, like above. And with so many going on at this time, it is nearly impossible to just sit back and be zen, but if you can more power to you! Jupiter and Venus will be exactly conjunct later this week, but today they are within one degree of each other. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Venus represents love, beauty, money, self-worth, material objects. So wherever your energy is on these topics it will be expanded upon. Together these planets are squaring over to Neptune. Neptune represents your spirituality, it has a dreamy watery nature, and it will dissolve that which no longer serves you. This is actually a great time for removing financial blocks, raising your self-esteem, opening yourself to love. To me this represents letting going of our attachments to material things and finding the true value of our spirituality. After all we did not come to this planet to accumulate 'things' or people. We came to grow our souls. And all year long this dance between Jupiter and Neptune is going to ask you to do just that. This might just be the beginning of a very fulfilling life change.

But wait there's more. :) . Saturn and Mars are squaring each other at 13 degrees. Saturn in Capricorn is all about business and Mars in Aries is all about the self. Is there a change you need to make in your career? Whatever these 2 planets represent in your chart is starting to feel the itch, the need to get fired up and move on from something. While Mars wants you to take off running, Saturn wants you to slow down, think this through and take your time. Let Mars be your spark, let Saturn help you control the spark so it doesn't turn into an uncontrolled wildfire.

And still more.....Mercury is conjunct the South Node and opposing of course the North Node and that means squaring over to Uranus as well. I must tell you even writing this all out has been taxing for me. My ruler is Mercury and the opposition energy is so heavy. I love writing, it usually just flows, but this time, I just had to keep pushing pushing pushing. When your mind is attaching to energy that no longer serves you it can weigh you down. South Node is what we want to be moving away from, it's what we already learned in a past life. Okay okay, so I was an amazing blogger in a former life who only cared about my business (Capricorn) and only wrote about myself and now I am supposed to write things that are caring and nurturing (Cancer) and help others??? Wait I am already doing that!! Bugger off South Node. The eclipse will help you see your bad habits in a new light. It will highlight for you where you are relying on your strengths from a former life, but in a way that is holding you back. Remember that soul, it wants to grow, it can't do that if you just keep doing what you are good at, but don't try to learn something new. Grow Forest Grow! And nodal contacts are fated moments, so watch for the signs.

Pluto is loosely conjunct Mercury, but in some ways he is really in charge with the Eclipse's Transformation energy, as he has been in Capricorn for sometime now. Entering into the last decan (last 10 degrees of the sign) at 21 degrees. Again we are being pushed to transform how we see our Capricorn energy. How do we see big business, the government? What needs to change? The next few years will be telling, but don't be surprised by some sort of breakthrough in the next few weeks involving both areas.

Last but certainly not least we have Chiron. He is still trining with the North Node and in a Sextile with the South Node. Our goal of this eclipse is to heal our wounds from the past with Love. There simply is no need to keep carrying whatever this wound is with you any longer. It is time to let it go, maybe let this person go, and grow. Life will be so much simpler when you do. Just think about the thing that is weighing the heaviest on your mind right now. What if you woke up tomorrow and it simply was no longer there? Or what if you simply disengaged from caring about the outcome and just focused on love and having fun in your life. Wow! I feel 10 pounds lighter already!! Make a conscious decision to let whatever this is go. If it has not come together by now, it simply isn't going to. At least not in the way you want it to. So hand this over to the Universe/God/Spirit, whatever speaks to you. Stop chasing after something and let it come to you instead. I promise you it will be far more rewarding, and way less exhausting!

Sending you much love and moonlight! Well after the eclipse is done anyway!!


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