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Aries Full Moon


The Aries full moon promises to help you heal your wounds so that you can begin a new phase of your life, especially your relationship wounds. Cardinal signs signal new beginnings. As the Fall Equinox has just occurred we are ready to let go of the things we created during the summer. It is time to let things fall, get it fall, by the wayside and start working on your next creation. And work we will.

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. In essence as far as your emotions go, this is your Happy New Year! A time where you can bring to completion those areas of your life that you have been focusing on healing over the past year. There is a lot going on in the skies to help you accomplish this monumental task. You are destined to come out on the other side of these next 6 months completely changed for the better.

The Sun - Having just entered into Libra the sun is sitting at 2 degrees of course directly across from the Moon in Aries. The 2 represents our relationships. Aries represents coming into our own power as the first house of the zodiac. The Sun is showing us that by having self confidence we are able to make the necessary changes in our relationships. So how do we gain this self-confidence? Let's look at the Moon for clues.

The Moon - In Aries the Moon is harnessing Mars energy. This fires up our emotions, gets us motivated to understand them. How we choose to use them is the lesson of this full moon. We react to so much in life based on how we are feeling. But we often have lost touch with why we even feel the way we do. Where do these feelings stem from? What was the experience we had that made us decide this is how we would always react when made to feel this way in the future? Now is the time to revisit where our reactions come from, decide if they are still serving us, if not, then it's time for some serious changes.

Chiron - The wounded healer is sitting at 0 degrees and 2 minutes. There is that pesky 2 again! With the moon conjunct Chiron and standing across the sky from the Sun, we are shining a light on our deepest earliest wounds and being guided how to heal them. Once we do, our relationships overall will benefit. Work, family, life partners, husband, wife, children, all stand to benefit from the work you are being guided to complete at this time. Chiron will give you a glimpse, then dip back into Pisces where we do the work. The subconscious mind needs to be cleared of these wounds and you will have until the end of the year to finish the work. But start now and begin to benefit from the relief being offered to you at this time.

Mercury - Standing with the Sun in Libra, our mind is being stimulated. This helps us to not get completely swept away by our emotions. We have the opportunity to remove ourselves and be a bit analytical about our wounds, our relationships and how we want them to be going forward. Our communication skills are highlighted and help us to speak to those who are important to us in a way that is positive, heals wounds from the past, and moves us forward. Libra is all about having fair and balanced relationships. Mercury helps us get our point across about what we want and what we need in our relationships, in a new way that allows others to 'hear' what we have been trying to say for a long time now.

Saturn - also at 2 degrees in Capricorn and forming a T-square during the full moon. Suffice it to say the Universe is not mucking around here when the task master is brought into the fold. The same old excuses just are not going to cut it anymore. We must evolve in our relationships, and doing that means we have got to heal our wounds. And Saturn says do the work. Or, congratulations you have done the work and now here is your reward. For those that have been, you will be given a gift from Saturn during this full moon. It will encourage you to keep going on your current path. Keep improving upon your personal development and see the benefit in all your relationships. The square means we need to make a turn, make a change in our emotions (moon) in our egos (sun) in recognizing our wounds (chiron) and in how we communicate (mercury). All are extremely important components in any relationship. You are with a particular soul family right now because there is a lesson to be learned that helps you on your path. This is a pivotal point right now on that path. You still have the power to maintain what it is you are doing now, but don't expect to receive anything different than what you have right now. Or, take the gift being offered you with this full moon and the many other planets supporting you. Think Costco! All the planets have their tables out offering you a freebie sample!! Take the sample. You don't have to buy it yet, but try it on for size!!

Mars and the Nodes - Mars moving forward again is back in the space he was earlier with the South Node. These are karmic events when the nodes are involved. Something you have been working on since May is about to come to a conclusion. Remember the South Node is lessons you already came here with, skills you already have. You might be tempted to fall back on old ways, but this won't move you forward. In the short-term it might solve an immediate need, but long-term this behavior is not beneficial to you. The caution here is to watch your temper. Change can be difficult at times, but you will be shown some behavior or some person that you need to let go of with this transit. The best way to use this energy is to get out and get some exercise. There is a trine to the Sun and to Mercury so both get help and energy from Mars in a positive way. This could give you the courage to have the conversations you need to have with a person in your life that has been holding you back. Once this is dealt with a new person or situation will be able to come into your life. Or the current situation will be lifted to one that better serves you.

Uranus - still in a separating square from Mars and now inconjunct the Sun there is the energy to be too spontaneous, too hot headed, too reactive. Stay aware. Count to 10, put yourself in a timeout, meditate. Do whatever you need to do to calm down and think logically before you react during the full moon. You don't want to say something you will regret that tarnishes your relationships at this time in particular.

Venus - while not directly aspected at this time she is in her shadow period, getting ready to slow down, disappear from the skies and then reappear as an evening star. This again speaks to why relationships are being highlighted so heavily at this time. Scorpio demands that we go into the shadow side of love, money, and relationships, self-love included. We can either vanquish the shadows, make friends with our shadow side, or try to keep ignoring it. However, this transit has far too many players involved for that to be the case. So make peace with it. Instead of fighting it, maybe it's time to accept these shadows. Not the ones that are causing harm to others. But those false ones that you are letting harm you. Why do you care what other people think anyway? Why do you need to dress a particular way, make a particular amount of money, measure your success by how many likes you get on a posed photo? I promise when you are back to your spirit self you are going to have a great big laugh at yourself. Seriously the stuff we distract ourselves with is just that. So measure yourself by the amount of love you are giving on a daily basis to yourself and others. Try it for a day. See how fast your life changes. Those shadows are false shadows. Laugh at them.

Summary - I had this dream. Some of you have heard this one, but now after writing this blog I better understand it. In the dream I was facing some sort of demon. I have these kinds of dreams somewhat often, but usually they are a presence felt that is not 'good' energy. But in this one the demon showed himself, maybe he is better described as a troll. I was not impressed in my dream, not scared, actually kind of bored. I asked him why he needed to look the way he does. He showed me the image of a man, who was best described as average. As he showed the man to me he said, 'because this image doesn't really scare you'. I must be doing something right because within the dream I nodded off to sleep as he was boring me with the same old type of shenanigans and I am starting to rise above them. So, moral to the story or is it long story short? This full moon is about taking a fresh look at why you are afraid of the things you are afraid of. Why do you feel the way you do about yourself? Who programmed you to believe what you do? That program is now outdated. You are ready to become You 2.0. Take your power back, laugh at your demons, and start living the life you deserve to be living. This is Aries, this is you, and you deserve it all!

Love and Light!!

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