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New Moon in Aries April 5th, 2019

At approximately 1:51 a.m. Friday morning on the West Coast, the New Moon in Aries will be exact. This is the first New Moon of the Astrological new year and as such is very auspicious for new beginnings and breakthroughs where your self image is concerned.

The first sign of the zodiac carries with it the #1 energy. Positive aspects include leadership, new beginnings, self-improvement. In the lower energies this can bring about selfishness, too much independence, solitude. But you are all far too aware to go there!

Let's look at our planetary aspects during this New Moon, then we will look at the impacts by sign and I will share a few areas that you can focus on for your 10 New Moon wishes.

As with every New Moon we have the Sun conjunct with the Moon. The Sun represents the ego self, our success, happiness, our inner child, fun, laughter. All the things you think of on a warm summer day. The Moon being our emotions is in a complete shadow of the Sun, so there is no light. If you count on the light of the moon to energize and lift you up, then these few days before and after the New Moon each month might have you feeling a bit drained. The goal here is to do a bit of introspection about the lessons of this New Moon so when the light shines upon the Moon again, you are ready to take action. So what are you contemplating? What emotions are you getting in touch with? What do you need to see in a softer light than the brightness of the Sun? Each journey for each person is its own of course, but with the New Moon in Aries we have a lot of Mars behaviors that might need a closer look. Mars wants action, he wants drive, he wants determination, and more than anything all he wants to do is Win, Win, Win, no matter. See I knew I could sneak a song in there somewhere!! Thanks Mars! Yes I am still weird and Mars just amps that up with this New Moon. Lucky you!

Chiron and Mars are forming a nice Sextile that helps us on our healing journey. So while Mars is out there rapping, Chiron is chillin and thinking of how best to use Mars to get this whole healing thing off the ground. Will he focus on himself or focus on healing/helping others. Chiron has been moving through the area of Aries where he first started his retrograde, so he is really ready to get this party started. OMG, Mars knock it off. Ok but have you ever noticed how you tend to get over something or have aha moments because you were actually helping someone else? I catch myself coaching others all the time and hearing what I am saying with a very clear realization that I am saying what I need to hear! People are always put in our path for a reason, and Mars and Chiron meeting with a New Moon in Aries is no accident. There is an incredible growth opportunity available to you right now, all you have to do is take action! With Uranus sitting right in the middle of these 2 anything can happen, so just be prepared!

Now let's talk Neptune and our good friend Mercury who is still in a conjunction, but finally gaining some speed and about to make a break for it. Mercury really does not like being in Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces so he is especially strong here, and that makes it all the worse for poor little Mercury. Hah, ok I was going to say something snarky about Mercury and the chaos he causes, but I don't want my computer to crash right now. :) . This is the fresh start though that you have been looking for. The retrograde brought up something very specific for you to review. Neptune may have made it a bit convoluted and hard to get to the facts, but as these 2 planets start to separate the lesson of this retrograde will become clear for you. Probably about mid April to be exact. So that situation you have been going round and round with since about the 20th of February, it is almost resolved, almost. I think as Mercury makes direct contact with the North Node next week you might experience some big aha moments. Especially where love and money are concerned because Venus is also here in Pisces. While a little wide for a conjunction between these 2 planets she is awfully close. So if you think you just met Prince/Princess Charming, hang on just a wee bit longer. Those rose colored glasses might be a little too foggy still.

Jupiter is not directly impacting the New Moon, but where ever you have this planet in your chart it's about to experience the Jupiter expansion through several months of retrograde. Jupiter spends almost a full year in each sign, and he is at home in Sagittarius. He is happiest here. So he is digging in and continuing his loose square to Neptune. Spirituality. Are you in touch with yours? Do you have faith? You have a couple months to figure out what you stand for before this planet starts moving ahead. For now, as this large planet starts slowing down watch for little clues and signs from the heavens on what you need to work on.

So I saved the best for last. What's that you say? How can I possibly consider the heavy hitters, Pluto, Saturn and the South Node the best??? Because they are. We can't all just run around like Mars and Mercury and Venus leaving little love bombs everywhere and have no responsibilities. We need structure, we need to see ourselves for who we really are, and these planets help us to do that. And yah you know what sometimes the picture ain't so pretty. But, if we don't have our eyes opened for us how are we every going to really see?? So, while again not directly impacting the New Moon the energy is still there. We have a chance to find ourselves, take our power back wherever Pluto has been in our chart. We might have some karmic debt to work out with the South Node, and Saturn wants us to listen to how he thinks we need to do it. The structures and old regimes of the past are just not serving us any longer. We are about to be released and this week we will get a glimpse in to what and who we need to let go of, especially if you have a fearful inner voice that is holding you back. South Node is our karma, both the good and the bad. The good news is we can change our karma, we can act better, we can make amends. Sure we came here with a certain set, but that doesn't mean we are stuck with it, we came here with it to improve upon it. To become aware of it, and then use what we learned in a past life to be better and do better in the here and now. So, where ever Capricorn is sitting in your chart is urging you to find ways to love and nurture yourself like the North Node in Cancer. Think about it, all this heavy heavy energy all sitting across from the North Node in Cancer. That's because if anyone can show you how to fix this area, it's your MOM! Or a cancer female or other mother figure in your life. Because you know mom's are unstoppable, they save the day. Ok not every mom, but you get my drift. As this year progresses we will be talking a lot more about these opposing forces, but for now just be aware and feel into this bit of tug of war going on. There are very good things to come of this when you channel the light. Now if you decide to go all Kathy Bates, then that is your prerogative, but I really don't recommend it.

Here are some sample New Moon Wishes and areas to focus your wishes upon:

Independence, new beginnings, leadership, self confidence, courage, action, hot salsa dancing! Ok maybe not the last one, but just checking to see if you are paying attention still!

Wish sample: I am so excited now I have a new hot salsa dancer in my life, that keeps my energy up, helps me lose weight, and improves my self confidence. Hey it's my wish, no judging! Man you guys are in for some real treats from me with the New Moon energy over the next month!

The following are some general areas of impact based on your sun, moon or rising sign. Remember you can always create a free chart so you know exactly where this will impact you on or Whatever planets you have between 10-20 degrees will have an impact. And the closer to 15 degrees, the exact area of the New Moon, the stronger the influence. The outcome of the forecasts below will likely have a lot to do with what natal planets are being impacted.

Aries - everything written above applies to you. This is in your first house, the house of self.

Taurus - this is happening for you in the 12th house. The influence may be more subtle, but you do have a chance to tune into your intuition, clear some subconscious blocks.

Gemini - the 11th house means you can have new beginnings where your friends and networks are concerned. You could join a new group, receive help from a group you belong to, branch out and make a name for yourself amongst your peers.

Cancer - the New Moon highlights your 10th house of career and fame. Is there a new job on the horizon? Are you ready to apply for a leadership role? This is definitely a positive new beginning that brings recognition for a job well done.

Leo - in the 9th house you are ready to take a trip somewhere hot, hot, hot. This could be to a foreign country, or just close to home. And if you have been waiting for a dose of inspiration where your learning is concerned, this is the month. If you need to study something you get the extra boost you need to kick this off. Masters degree anyone??

Virgo - in the 8th house you could start a new relationship, an intense one at that. This is the house that represents transformation, resources from others, perhaps your partner will begin a new job and increase the family income.

Libra - in the 7th house you definitely have an opportunity for new beginnings where relationships and serious partnerships of all kinds are concerned. If you have been waiting to start a new partnership, between the 7th and 14th might just be your golden window of opportunity. After that a lot of heavy hitters start going retrograde so it might be harder to get anything off the ground again until the end of the year.

Scorpio - the 6th house rules your daily routines, your daily work, and your pets are a part of that daily life. Have you been thinking about getting a new one?? Ahhhh. Maybe it's that fitness routine you are finally ready to commit to? Or like me you finally are so sick of that pile of paperwork and to-do lists that you find the energy to clear it all up. This could be a new role at work, or new responsibilities too.

Sagittarius - if you have been feeling stuck creatively then this new moon will give you the inspiration you need to find the spark. There is the potential for a new romance, and new activities with your children. Perhaps you have a new child on the way?? The 5th house brings new beginnings in one or all of these areas.

Capricorn - the 4th house rules home and family. Have you been doing a lot of renovating? And I mean of your self and your home. Or have you been thinking about it? Well now you can get this started. Maybe you have been stuck looking at color samples for far too long now. But the Sun will show you just what you need to do and the Moon will help you pick the ride colors! Some of you might be moving to a new house all together, at the very least giving it some serious consideration.

Aquarius - I always want to sing that song when I write that out. And now it's in your head. You're welcome. The 3rd house does rule the Voice after all. Perhaps you will be inspired to write, sing, write songs to sing that I can mention in this blog and become famous and share your riches with me??? Or you get a new car, you spend more time visiting neighbors. Is it time for a new phone? Communication is your friend this new moon.

Pisces - the 2nd house rules the money we make. What new income source might you manifest with the new moon? Is there a new job or new promotion on the horizon? Are you finally ready to stop doubting yourself and take a risk. Venus rules the 2nd house and a new Moon here could also mean a new relationship. Beauty could be the focus. Have you been thinking about a new wardrobe or hairstyle? You have my permission to buy new clothes as long as it is within your budget!

Wow! There is a lot of exciting energy to be found in the New Moon. Will you tap into yours? Where do you want a fresh start? A new beginning? It is all just a wish away, or 10!

Love and Light!!

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