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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

On January 10th at 2:20 pm ET there will be a partial eclipse of the full moon in Cancer. Not visible here in North America however, which gives us a small reprieve from the intensity. Eclipses of the Moon bring something to completion, unlike eclipses of the Sun which can abruptly remove something from your life.

What makes this one extra potent is all the energy with the Sun in Capricorn all opposing the poor little Moon over in Cancer. The Sun and Mercury are conjunct at 20 degrees of Capricorn. This is what we astrologers call Cazimi. Mercury and the Sun are so close that you can't see Mercury because of the brightness from the Sun. This can make you a bit anxious in nature the few days leading up to and the few days following this eclipse. The Sun shining so brightly on your mind can be intense. This is a really good time to practice breathing through yoga or meditation. Give your mind something to work on that is productive instead of excessive worrying. Remember you have to balance your ego and your emotions during a full moon. And the eclipse gives you some respite from the bright light so you can see clearly what needs to be seen.

What makes a full moon an eclipse is when the Nodes are in close proximity to the Moon. Jupiter is conjunct the South Node still at 8 degrees of Capricorn. This puts a significant emphasis on our Karma. Jupiter makes things bigger so you are aware. There needs to be a balance between releasing your karma, making amends, and then following your North Node, or Dharma. The Moon is sitting close to the North Node. All you have to do then is tune into your emotions and your intuition and you will be guided on the right path of action.

Also standing across the sky from the Moon in their almost exact conjunction, only 20 minutes separates them, is Pluto and Saturn at 22 degrees of Capricorn. 22 is the number of the Master Builder. It takes a strong foundation to build from. If your foundations are not strong the eclipse is going to shake things up, knock things down to the ground, so you can build it back better and stronger. Saturn is structure, Pluto is hidden power. The themes of just this week alone are showing you how those in power are now exposing their secrets and taking swift action. This happened in Iran, and it is even happening with the Royal Family. I don't think we are done with surprises just yet either. Again the message though is to tune in and listen to your emotions and intuition. This is male vs female energy, government vs family. There has to be a balance between the two.

What is helping us in this emotional and turbulent time is the sextile from the Capricorn energy and the trine from the Cancer energy over to Neptune. This is a message of seeking a connection to spirit. When there is unrest, when you don't know the answers, or the way forward, there is still hope. This is a positive escape, this is creativity at it's best. When you tap into this energy you will find the relief you seek from the eclipse and full moon.

And as if this wasn't enough Uranus has stationed and is about to go direct again. This can bring you some sort of surprise or unexpected event in whatever house you have Uranus making its current transit in. Taurus surprises can be financial in nature, but it is about our value system as a whole. This will technically occur just after the eclipse, but will feel like it is a result of the eclipse. Expect the unexpected and you will be just fine.

So what are you trying to balance out in the Full Moon Energy?

Aries/Libra - the 4th house and 10th house axis is the same as the Capricorn/Cancer theme above. There needs to be a better balance between home and family.

Taurus/Scorpio - the 3rd house and 9th house axis is about getting outside your comfort zone. You are either thinking too small or thinking too big. You are the forever student and it's time to teach. Or maybe you have something to learn. And there is an opportunity to communicate better.

Gemini/Sagittarius - the 2nd and 8th house is all about managing your resources better. You are either too dependent on someone else, or you don't let others help you. This is an opportunity to meet somewhere in the middle. You can leverage the resources you receive form others in a way that helps you gain financial independence.

Cancer/Capricorn - in the 1st and 7th houses this is a balance between your relationship to self and your relationship to others. How can you be in a relationship and still maintain your independence? Or how do you make sure you aren't so independent that you don't let any one else in?

Leo/Aquarius - in the 12th and 6th house, which is where the Duchess has this occurring, you may be breaking away from a large institution in order to work for a small business. You may be finding a way to balance your mental health with your physical health.

Virgo/Pisces - in the 11th and 5th house you are finding the right people to help you have fun again, or you are balancing having fun with helping others. You may have been to self sacrificing and now it's time to step away from your groups so you can pay a bit of attention to your own needs.

Wishing you an opportunity to bring something to fullness that serves your highest good. These energies will last for several months. So things may unfold gradually for you, but I think you will still get a glimpse of where the Universe is trying to direct you right now.

Love and Light!

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