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Rejection is Protection

There seems to be so much pain involved in the topic of rejection. But I came across this Oracle message today and it really resonated with me. The card title is 'Not For You'. I believe in part we are uncomfortable with rejection because it means we are not in control. No matter what we do we cannot change the situation, and if we can it usually means we are compromising a piece of ourselves in order to be accepted. As hindsight is always 20/20 take a moment now to reflect back on all of those times that you experienced rejection. Those times where you didn't let go and let spirit guide you to something better. Did you save the relationship but lose a piece of your soul in the process. Did you 'win' the fight but feel guilty for manipulating the situation so you could? Are you exhausted from pretending you are someone you aren't just so you can keep the job, keep the friendship, keep everyone happy except for yourself?

Today I challenge you to accept the rejection, whatever the situation, as protection instead. For whatever reason, God, spirit, the divine, which ever description works best for you, is saying there is something better. Your only purpose right now in this situation is to let go of control and trust. That's it, no effort on your part, just let go. Free your mind from the what if scenarios. There are hundreds that will keep you distracted, keep you up at night, make you doubt yourself and your decisions. But that is only your ego talking, and the ego hates it when you don't bow down to it's power. When you let spirit guide you, your ego is no longer in control, and it fights back hard. It looks for ways to trick your brain. It wants you to stay stuck, stay in misery, because then the ego wants to win. Signs and symbols that leave you stuck and miserable are actually tricks of the ego. Trust only the signs that bring you inner peace. If hearing that song, or seeing that car makes you sad and melancholy, it isn't a sign from spirit. Gifts and messages from spirit will bring you peace, not self-doubt. Ignore what the ego is telling you, it's lying.

Instead accept that someone truly loves you and is protecting you when you experience rejection. There is a bigger plan, and if you let go of the situation, person, or even habit that is causing the rejection you will be free. Free to experience what is meant for you. Fighting rejection is just delaying what is meant to be. While it may eventually come to you, why not help it, whatever 'it' is, come faster. Let go today, accept and let go. This situation is not for you, and you don't really need to know why right now. In time you may know, you may not. But if you are continually experiencing the same type of rejection, you are trying to control too much. Let go and Let God today.

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