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Weekly Astrology Horoscope August 4th - August 10th

After a stressful week there will be some relief for us in the skies maybe a few blessings sprinkled in as well, wherever Jupiter and the Sun and Venus are transiting in your personal chart. Don't know your chart? Maybe it's time to book a reading and figure out why you are who you are.

Sunday - Today the Moon moves into Libra putting our focus on our relationships because that is what Libra rules. And we want them to be fair and balanced. The Moon can help you tune into your intuition and how you are truly feeling about any particular relationship. If you are not happy you have 2 choices, change your perception of the situation, or move onto one that suits you better, like fixing the most important one you have, which is with yourself. Whenever we are unhappy we need to focus on the actual problem, which is us, not the other person.

Monday - The biggest news this week is the fact that the Sun will be joined with Venus and then making a trine over to Jupiter. The Sun is our success and Venus is love and money, our self-worth. The supportive energy connection over to Jupiter expands those areas for us as well. This could bring a very big blessing if you have been doing the work. Remember Jupiter wants your life to have meaning and purpose. So how you are exploring success, money and love, including self-love matters. This is one of those times where people will reach out and ask, but you said it was going to be a good week. Yes it will, as long as you are in alignment with those areas in your life. Jupiter expands on things so you see them clearly. Sometimes a blessing is not seen as one until later down the road when you realize you were going off course. Jupiter is asking that you see the bigger picture and the role you play in your success. See it, tune in, and watch some miracles unfold for you this week. Maybe you are already seeing your perspective change in some area you thought would never shift for you. That is this type of energy, and it will last most of the week. But today, the Moon, still in Libra, will be in a brief square over to Saturn, the South Node and Pluto. You are going to be shown where you are out of touch with your emotions where your relationships are concerned.

Tuesday - The Moon enters deep dark emotional Scorpio today and stands across the sky from Uranus our planet of electricity and surprises. This is meant to keep you from the dark side of Scorpio energy. Uranus is going to push you emotionally every month when the Moon enters Scorpio. This can make for some fireworks in the bedroom. Emotionally you won't be bored that is for sure. You also could be sent some jolts of intuition that help you move forward in whatever area of the chart these 2 planets reside. Taurus energy is financial and it is sensual. Scorpio being a water sign, but a darker one ruled by Pluto, is reaching for something deeper, something transformative. I always see these 2 battling for spirituality vs materiality. Sexuality vs Sensuality. You will be looking for the balance between the 2 over the next 2 1/2 days.

Wednesday - Today we have the Moon squaring the Sun and Venus and they are trining over to Jupiter. It is almost as if we are scared to feel all of this happiness. This is a really good day to cut ties with outdated beliefs and feelings that have been holding you back. And it is a really good day to become part of a cause for the greater good. Tap into the Jupiterian energy. How do you contribute to the bigger picture on a daily basis? How are you growing and learning? How are you improving your intuition? The Moon in Scorpio wants to transform your emotions. Make sure you transform them in a positive way and do not push that happiness away out of fear.

Thursday - Mercury is finally picking up speed and moving forward in the sign of Cancer. He is covering the territory of the retrograde helping you finish up the work you have been doing. Today he makes nice contact with the Moon which will help you communicate clearly how you feel. Love is on your mind. How do you move it forward? How do you show your loved ones you care? What is your plan and how will you execute it? Venus is exact in her trine over to Jupiter today. So whatever love is bringing to you it isn't small, it's big and you will notice a change. This energy is similar to what you saw back in May when Venus was in Aries, another fire sign. Take a think back and see if without the squares to Pluto and Saturn, you are able to move this area of your life forward finally. Did you do the work they asked of you? If so, expect a big blessing to occur.

Friday - The Moon will join with Jupiter today which means our emotions, our intuition, home, family, mother and motherhood are all on steroids. You are going to feel something in these areas and in a big way. We are still in the trine over to the Sun and Venus so this amps up that energy even more, pushing us to get in touch with how we feel about this blessing that is showing up for us. Sagittarius energy is a fire sign and the home sign of Jupiter. It rules foreign travel, faraway places, higher learning and our belief systems. Jupiter is still in retrograde but not going back much farther as he stations to move forward once again. This is a chance for you to believe in something again, or maybe even for the first time. What you are being shown today is important, don't let it pass you by unawares.

Saturday - Mars who has been riding along with Juno, our marriage partnership energy all week, is now making contact with the Moon, and we are ready to get some action, I mean take action!! :) . Both are in a fire sign, Sag and Leo. This makes us big and bold with our feelings. And expressive in a very public way. If you find some cause that you believe in you will be voicing your opinions about them for all the world to hear and see. And if you are in a relationship well, I think it's going to be a great Sunday morning! You won't be afraid to be seen or feel. Mars gives us warrior energy! It's go big or go home time.

Next week will have similar energy with Mercury heading into Leo to wrap up the retrograde lessons and Jupiter ending it's retrograde as well. Then Uranus will go retrograde and we will have some turmoil around love and money issues. It's time to look at where you are on both during this latest retrograde lesson.

Love and Light!

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