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September Monthly Horoscope 2020

Hello Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Fall Sweaters!

September starts off with a t-square, full moon, Mars slowing down, Jupiter too…but wait there’s more. Let’s get into the details below!

September 1st – there is a lot of planets interacting on the first of the month. Venus is opposed Saturn and both are in a square to Mars who is slowing down considerably as it begins the retrograde process. This makes relationships a struggle, something has gotta give here, and you may find that neither party thinks it is them. You are going to feel the pressure to act though, so be thoughtful, be loving, and don’t over react. Mercury is in a sextile to Venus and in a trine to all the planets in Capricorn. So, you are definitely fired up to speak your mind, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You could be inspired to come up with a solution to the problem above if you tap into this positive energy.

September 2nd – in the early morning hours in the states at least we will have a full moon in Pisces. This is a very emotional full moon. Pisces of course is a water sign, and represents the last of the 12 astrological houses. This house represents all things hidden, Neptune is the ruler of the sea and the sign of Pisces where this full moon occurs. This makes for mystical mysteries rising from the deep. The Sun shines a light from Virgo who focuses on the facts and details, not the murky water under the sea. Bringing surprises into the mix is the positive connection over to Uranus in Taurus for both the Moon and the Sun. Whatever is brought to the surface is meant to be seen and meant to help you, potentially in a financial way. Might be a good time to reflect back on those New Moon in Pisces wishes you made earlier this year. What are you ready to bring to fullness now with the help of this energy? Look for my full moon article for much more detail.

September 3rd – Venus is really getting a workout on her last days in Cancer. She is in positive contact with the Moon still in Pisces and Mercury in Virgo. This could have you feeling all the love and expressing how you feel. But the t-square between Venus, Mars and Saturn pushes you to do so in a way that adds value. This is not the time to be blowing smoke if you know what I mean. Saturn is inconjunct with the North Node still, now both at 25 degrees. This is a long-term goal that you are not able to achieve unless you deal with your karmic past. And you are being given a lot of time to do so, and I recommend you take advantage of it. Make amends, release the past, follow your path. No excuses will be accepted by Saturn the task master.

September 4th – Mars and Mercury are in that odd inconjunct angle which means speaking your mind will not come easily, and if you do, you just might end up regretting it. Best bite your tongue. Of course, some won’t listen to that advice so pay attention to what comes out in the media the few days before and after this meet up. Could prove very interesting.

September 5th & 6th – Venus and Mercury are moving at almost the exact same speed so we will see them both at 29 degrees of Cancer and Virgo respectively, and then the next day both at 0 degrees of Leo and Libra. This is a really extended sextile, meaning 60 degrees of each other, for these 2 planets. You really want to take advantage of the support in communicating or planning where love and money are concerned. Venus loves Leo energy, fiery, passionate and onstage. Mercury in Libra will also highlight our need to communicate in our relationships and our partnerships. If there is an agreement or contract that needs signed these few days are ideal. Keep in mind the square to Mars and don’t act too quickly, and expect some potential re-work. But if your chart supports it you could move something forward in your life at this time. I just can’t stress enough that you do so thoughtfully and not rashly.

September 7th – the Moon combines with Uranus today which can create some upheaval emotionally. Expect some shocks and surprises, and look for ways to ground your energy if you feel a little all over the place today.

September 8th – whatever shocks and surprises you may have received you are ready to tackle them head on today as the Moon is fired up by all the Capricorn planets and Neptune. This is a good time to focus in on your intuitive skills and put them to good use.

September 9th – these few days before and after this positive meetup between Jupiter and the Sun could feel like a breath of fresh air or a blessing. The Sun in Virgo is about to start its meetup with all the Capricorn energies. First up is Jupiter though, and this brings positive expansion to your personal success. Could be good news where a health issue is concerned, positive information from someone overseas, maybe a new job at a University. Anything to do with higher learning, long distance travel, even your belief systems.

September 10th – this is a bit of a crunchy day. The Moon will square off with the Sun as it does each month, but added into the mix this time is the planet Neptune. The ego, your intuition and your spirituality and creativity are all pushing against one another. The way out though is listening to your intuition. What are you needing to shift where your creative goals are concerned? And officially Mars enters it’s retrograde today. It will be extremely hard to get anything moving forward now. So, it is truly a good time to review those creative ideas and goals and start planning to make necessary changes. Just don’t expect them to launch anytime soon.

September 11th – always a good day to pause and reflect and count your blessings. The opposition energy between Neptune and the Sun continues and is exact today. The battle between spirit and ego. Can you find a way to meet in the middle? If not the clashes today could be epic.

September 12th – Mercury is picking up speed as it moves through Libra. Today at 10 degrees of the sign it makes an odd connection back to Uranus, which means some strange news may come out today. Or you may speak in forked tongues, ok that might be a little extreme, but expect the unexpected in speeches and the internet. The Moon in its home sign of Cancer stand across the sky from the Capricorn planets of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. It keeps your emotions a bit in check. But Venus meeting up with Chiron who is retrograde, forming a trine, says love can be healing in the few days before and after this connection is made. This could be the time to heal a rift with a loved one from the past.

September 14th – Big energy day today. The Sun is at 22 degrees of Virgo and trines over to Pluto, you are strong and empowered. At the same time Jupiter ends its long retrograde in the sign of Capricorn at 17 degrees. The planet of teaching is ready to move forward and so are we. But keep in mind as this planet picks up speed again it will sextile Neptune, then be conjunct Pluto and Saturn. There will be a lot for us to learn about what this retrograde means to us. Maybe a few answers are shown to us where the virus is concerned as well. For now, enjoy the energy boost and the desire to conquer your Pluto fears.

September 15th – Venus and Uranus meet in a square making our finances and our love life a bit chaotic. I wouldn’t make any major purchases today or schedule any type of beauty treatment. The Moon makes a positive trine over to Mars, so tune in and listen to your intuition as it will be strong with the help of the Mars energy. Especially true if you are trying to connect to the past.

September 17th – We have the new moon in Virgo today at 25 degrees 01 minutes. This is a day for new beginnings related to the 6th house which is our health, our work, our daily routines, and being of service. Virgo also rules natural cures and healing. Perhaps a new way to treat patients dealing with covid is shown to us today. Considering this New Moon is being empowered by Saturn also at 25 degrees, you can have a new beginning as long as you are willing to work hard and execute your plan with an expert’s help. The square between Mercury and Jupiter says something you previously communicated is coming back up for review. So does the square to the Nodes. To get back on your fated path you need to make these changes, let this new beginning in. Start planning your 10 new Moon wishes and look for my article to provide more guidance for the day.

September 20th – Mars and the Sun are at a weird angle today, meaning they are inconjunct one another. You just cannot seem to get this goal you have off the ground. You keep pushing and getting pushed back hard. If this is you the message is to stop pushing, and be patient a bit longer. The timing isn’t right just yet and may not be until later in the year. We also have the Moon standing across the sky from Uranus, both at 10 degrees. You want to transform something but Uranus in Taurus is keeping you from making a poor financial mistake. Moon in Scorpio always brings up something you fear, best to face it head on.

September 21st – Mercury and Pluto square off today which can lead to some very heated exchanges. Hmmm is there a debate scheduled yet? Pluto rules Scorpio, and the Moon is there making positive contact with Pluto and Saturn. Your best bet today is to feel into whatever situation is showing up for you and then figure out how you are going to transform it. Don’t just use your head, it isn’t working well with the square between Pluto and Mercury, you have to feel this to clear it. There is a little help from the Nodes with Mercury, so you will find your thinking clears the more you focus on your life purpose. Maybe this is saying it’s time for you to learn something new, which is a very Gemini energy, or maybe it’s time you starting teaching something new.

September 22nd – at 1 pm ET we kickoff wait for it……FALL! Well Spring if you are down under, but still the equinox is upon us once again. This of course means the Sun is entering into Libra today. Our focus over the next month will revolve around balance, fairness and relationships. Based on the planets at this time, the season is going to be about fated communications, slowing down, and frustration when you try to push for results. This is highlighted by the Mercury/Node connections and the continuing square between Mars and Saturn, both about to meet up exactly again in retrograde. This is a fight brewing just below the surface and there will be no clear winner yet. But my dollar is on Saturn, always bet on Saturn.

September 23rd – Venus and Neptune meet up in their weird angle today. You are questioning your self-worth and values. If something feels off today in love or with your finances it is off, and you should investigate it further before you take any kind of action. The truth will reveal itself but you have to work harder to get the answers you seek.

September 26th – Mercury has been flying through the sign of Libra and today finishes off in this sign and heads into Scorpio where we will have our next Mercury retrograde. This is going to be the main highlight of the month of October. Things will come to the surface involving hidden communications. Personally, the way you speak and think may be transformed. And because of the retrograde you will have a lot of time to think it over, and over, and over! There could be a final or important communication in a relationship or partnership, as Mercury exits the sign of Libra. If you are giving your power away in your relationships the inconjunct connection between Venus and Pluto is going to highlight for you so you can change that once and for all. Plus Mercury is in shadow so this situation is still unfolding.

September 28th – Venus and Mars meet up in a trine with the North Node between them. Lover from the past making a case for themselves perhaps. But they would need to have a really good plan for how they would fit back into your life. The square between Mars and Saturn is just about exact again today, so this won’t happen easily or without a bit of fighting. However, you cannot miss out on what is meant for you, so maybe their returning is part of a bigger plan.

September 30th – We end the month with the Sun in a standoff to Chiron. This is a wound you need to face and heal, tied to a relationship that threatens your independence. Once you do however you are stronger and so is this relationship whether it is personal or work related. The Moon in Pisces is empowered by Pluto in Capricorn. If you follow your gut you are going to know just what to do in this situation. But the biggest news of the day is Saturn is stationed to go direct again. Review time is over and the changes to our structures are ready for implementation.

October preview - As we begin October we start with a full moon in Aries. This one will bring about some very unexpected results because of the odd connection with Uranus, who of course loves the strange. Mercury starts its retrograde at 11 degrees of Scorpio and will head back into Libra at month end. Just when you thought you never had to talk to that person again, they pop back up. We will also see Saturn and Pluto end their retrogrades and slowly begin to distance themselves from Mars. And we will have Venus in Virgo most of the month. But the big crunchiness will come from the Sun squaring off with all the Capricorn energy. Hello egomaniacal behavior at its best, or actually it’s worst. You thought the campaigning was bad so far, just you wait!

As always, I am here to guide you along the way. If you would like the support of a coach or just want to better understand how you navigate the energy there is no time like the present to book a session with me.

Love and Light and Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

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