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Scorpio New Moon 2021

November 4th 2021, we have our New Moon in Scorpio around 2:15 PM Pacific time. It will directly be opposed by Uranus at 12 degrees of Taurus, which makes for an eventful New Moon. Scorpio is the ruler of the 8th house. This is where we are working with the money we receive from others. Spouse, partners, loans, tax refunds, maybe even from gambling. Scorpio itself is very emotional, connected to the underworld, mystical, magical, sexual type of energy. The connections to Scorpio run deep, and you always know when you have interacted with one.

Each month we have a meetup between the Sun and the Moon in one of the astrological signs. As the Moon meets up with the Sun it is a reset, a rebirth, and a chance for a fresh start. When this occurs in the sign of Scorpio it can mean our new beginning comes from the death of something else. Not actual death, but metaphorical. You must let something go in order to let this new beginning in.

Uranus standing across the sky from the Sun and Moon brings even more of a need to release something in your life. Uranus in Taurus is about the things that Venus rules over, love, money, values, beauty. Add to that the energy of electricity, connections, and a need for freedom, and you are breaking patterns where Venus energy is concerned. Any time you have oppositions there is a need to balance the energies. It will be important to understand the 2 houses involved in your chart where this New Moon will occur. There will be a battle of sorts going on, an emotional one. Your goal will be to meet in the middle, to keep yourself from responding rashly or acting erratically. And do not try to hang onto something not meant for you, it will simply shock you if you do, as in lightning bolt to your butt.

Saturn and Uranus have been doing their square dance all year. This is why we have been having such a hard time breaking free, and have felt a constant need to battle with authority figures. Saturn is headed forward again and about 5 degrees off of this New Moon and Uranus, enough of an influence to try to exert some restraint with these new beginnings. Uranus may want you to break free, but Saturn will say not so fast. Have you thought this all the way through? Do you have a solid plan? You can’t just say you want a new beginning, you have to be willing to do the hard transformational work. This means we have a T-square between all of these planets and luminaries, which means pressure. Change does not come easily at times, and you may need to feel the squeeze, before you can get that new start. Saturn is still in its sextile with Chiron, so if you help others heal, or heal your own past wounds, that may show you are serious about this new beginning, and things will fall into place a bit more easily.

If your new beginning has to do with love well then you just might hear from someone from your past. Mercury is now out of shadow at 28 degrees of Libra and meeting up with Venus as it has all week in a sextile. This is easy conversations with the ones’ you love. Or money coming to you easily. Venus is at the very last degree of Sagittarius, so very much wanting to have a last moment of fun before moving into very serious Capricorn, where she will spend a lot of time due to the retrograde which starts December 18th. Venus is also still within 3 degrees of Mercury. Would not surprise me at all if some big-name couple announces an engagement within a few days of the New Moon. Or because of the square between Mercury and Pluto a divorce.

Mars will be inconjunct with the North Node, so the actions you are taking with this New Moon, they won’t be your usual. Mars was seen as the ruler of Scorpio before Pluto was discovered, and it is in the sign at 3 degrees. Mars is strong here, but the North Node is pushing you to rethink how you have been acting. Are you thinking about just yourself? Are you thinking at all or just reacting to things that have been upsetting you? As the North Node is getting ready to finish its cycle in Gemini it too is strong, so think before you act.

So where might you be feeling all this pressure in your chart? The best way to know is book a short reading with me of course. But, the following can help you navigate the New Moon energy best when you know your Sun, Moon or Rising sign.

Aries – your new beginnings will likely be more noticeable as you are ruled by Mars and this event occurs in your 8th house, the Scorpio house. Money is a battlefield for you with pressure from the money you make and the money you receive from others. Saturn is applying the pressure from your 11th house of friends. If you are coupled up there is some kind of a love triangle, or a financial one that is needing resolution.

Taurus – you have the potential to start a serious relationship, but it will start off with a lot of stress from work, or some other form of notoriety. You could have to battle yourself, literally, as Uranus is in your first house still and wants you to remain free and single. Can you let go of control long enough to connect intimately with someone?

Gemini – the 6th house of work, health, pets, and daily routines is looking for a fresh start. The challenge from Saturn in your 9th house is pressuring you to think bigger, don’t settle. Meanwhile Uranus in your 12th house keeps trying to bring things to the surface for you to deal with. Could be a large institution that you want to break free of, or just wanting to move overseas. If you want a new job you have to break free of the thought patterns of the past that are keeping you trapped, and limiting you from what you are meant to do. Face those fears. Then start fresh.

Cancer – it’s time for romance to get a fresh start, which means it’s time to devote more time to having fun and stop trying to take care of everyone else all the time. Uranus has been jerking you all around between this group and that group, this cause and that cause. Saturn is applying the pressure from the 8th house of other people’s resources. You have to break through some barriers to intimacy if you want to get this new romance or this new hobby off the ground. Be willing to put yourself out there and take a risk.

Leo – Are you ready for that new beginning at home? Is it finally time to move on literally? Or just renovate your home? Saturn is saying your partnerships need to take precedence. So, if your Mom is in the middle of your marriage, it’s time for her to go. And if you keep letting work take priority over family that needs to shift as well. You need to learn how to give equal attention to each of these areas of your life or you are going to self-combust.

Virgo – you are fortunate as Scorpio is a sign that you work well with. If your ascendant is Virgo then you are likely to welcome in this new beginning. Uranus in Taurus is in harmony with you as well. But the 3rd house, where the new moon sits, says you might need to change your thinking, learn how to go deeper and not accept things just at surface level now. Uranus has been pushing you to see the bigger picture in your 9th house. Saturn wants you to be more disciplined about your health, about work. That’s the pressure. How can you break free? If you are tied down to work 24/7 who has time to think? Something is going to have to give ,so you have the ability to expand your horizons.

Libra – the second house offers you a new beginning in the money you make. Uranus in your 8th house has been making the money you get from others a bit erratic, loans, gains, winnings. Saturn is pressing from your 5th house of fun and children. Perhaps it is time to get back to focusing on how you spend the money you make and stop giving it away to your kids so they learn how to make their own way. It is also ok to spend some of that money you made from your investments. Go live a little.

Scorpio – this new moon occurs in your first house, so the house of self. Are you ready for a new you? Are you ready to get real about your serious relationships and partnerships? How are they taking you away from who you were meant to be? And how about that pressure from your family or within your home? What do you have to break free from in order to live your best life? Family or a bad relationship?

Sagittarius – a new moon in your 12th house is a new way of connecting with your subconscious beliefs. Or you could be starting a new role within a large institution like a hospital. Uranus has been keeping your daily life, maybe even your health a bit erratic. Saturn is trying to get you to focus on learning. It is all connected to how you think about your daily life, and it is time to find a way of thinking that doesn’t weigh you down.

Capricorn – the 11th house could introduce you to some sort of new friend group, or a new financial backer. Uranus has been in your 5th house of children and romance, which could mean you have been too busy focusing on your children’s needs to enjoy your own. Saturn has also kept you so busy and focused on money you may not be letting yourself have enough fun. Plan some down time, find some friends that will keep you enjoying your hobbies. As long as you have a good plan for the money you make Saturn will be happy.

Aquarius – there is a new beginning in your career, or a new way you are going to be recognized, but it may come with some kind of challenge at home, and it definitely pushes you to redefine your personal goals. Maybe it’s time you started to show the real you to everyone, no matter how weird you think that may be. Time to be yourself.

Pisces – the 9th house can bring a new spiritual mentor into your life. This person may push you to believe in something bigger than yourself. Uranus in your 3rd house has been making things you use to communicate a bit erratic. How you think, what you say, the tools you use to communicate with, even your car, can all act up at this new moon. Saturn in your 12th house is giving your subconscious mind a run for its money. It wants you to take the guidance you have been given more seriously. Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing. It will all become clear once you do.

Because of how your houses actually line up the above may not apply to your personal chart. If you know your chart, and look at the houses, you can look at the above and modify it for your chart. Or of course, book a session with me so I can walk you through the upcoming pressures. May the surprises that are in store for you bring you a new beginning to remember.

Love and Light!

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