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New Moon Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020

Monday December 14th is a big day energetically, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. Eclipses occur when either the Sun or the Moon are in close contact with the points in the sky we call the Nodes. The North Node represents our path in this lifetime, the lessons we learn in order to achieve our goals. The South Node, where this eclipse occurs, represents the karma we came into this lifetime with, the lessons and skills we learned in the past. Eclipses help us to release something that blocks us from fulfilling our destiny and being on our path.

This eclipse happens when the Sun and Moon meet up at the same degree in the sign of Sagittarius, this creates the New Moon. In addition, they are in close contact, within 4 degrees of the South Node, this creates the eclipse. The eclipse cycles repeat every 19-20 years. The last one in this sign happened in December of 2001. Reflect back on the changes you were experiencing at that time. Are you seeing a repeat in the pattern?

The Moon and Sun combine at 23 degrees and 8 minutes of Sagittarius. Each month we have a new moon that gives us an opportunity to set intentions for new beginnings in the areas associated with this sign. Sagittarius is the 9th house of the zodiac. It is where we can experience expansion, which is the theme of its ruling planet, Jupiter. How do we experience this? With a quest for knowledge, and then we are driven to share that knowledge with others. We may do this thorough a spiritual practice, an advanced degree or even travel to faraway foreign lands. Maybe you just love foreign foods. You can set intentions for new beginnings in these areas. Just one small catch, you may need to release something first. Eclipses cut things out of our lives in order to keep us on our path. Just 2 weeks ago we had the lunar eclipse in the opposite area of your chart. What emotional release work have you been doing that has been preparing you for the physical release that needs to occur as the final step.

Jupiter is the ruler of this eclipse and the planet is currently making a conjunction with the planet Saturn. Both in the sign of Capricorn speak to changes in government, in particular leadership. It is no coincidence this occurs for the U.S. on the day the electors are voting for the next President. Brexit is still in the news, and other countries are forming new alliances. Paradigm shifts are happening. Old ways of doing things need to shift. Things that no longer serve us are being removed.

Mercury is in close contact with the eclipse. Contracts that no longer serve us, communication skills that undermine us, will be transformed. New communication skills will appear in their place. New contracts could be signed. For some anxiety levels get higher as the Sun and Mercury get close together. If you feel stressed you need to generate some heat to burn off your pent-up energy. Don’t stay stuck in your head. And if you need help use my self-hypnosis video for the sign of Sagittarius. Here

Mars is in a trine with the Sun, Moon and Mercury. This is what will drive us to take action, to eclipse what doesn’t serve us out of our lives and move forward with something better. Mars is strong in its home sign of Aries. You are on the attack, highly motivated. Success is almost guaranteed if you don’t get in the way of fate.

Neptune is in a square with the same planets. This is supportive energy that helps you tap into your spirituality and your artistic gifts. It will help you see through those rose-colored glasses and face those delusions whether they are about yourself or someone in your life.

Venus and Jupiter along with Saturn are also forming a sextile. This is where our gifts come from. Venus and Jupiter bring us blessings, while Saturn makes sure we stay grounded and don’t just float away with this blissful energy. Will your blessing be love, money, self-worth? Maybe all of the above. Even the asteroid Juno, the marriage asteroid is conjunct with Venus. This is finally being able to be committed to all the things that Venus rules. Relationships started now could go the long haul. But remember you need to release what doesn’t serve you.

Speaking of release the South Node in direct contact with the Sun, Moon and Mercury shows us some past karma we need to account for and release. This directly opposes the North Node. The Nodes are something we need to bring balance to. We can’t achieve our North Node goals if we don’t acknowledge our South Node past. Good or bad what we learned in a past lifetime, or in just the past, served a purpose. This is a time to acknowledge and make peace with that past so we can move forward. You can’t just pretend things didn’t happen a certain way. All things happen for a reason. But we cannot stay stuck in our past and just ignore our North Node goals either. We have to balance both. Learn our lessons, use our gifts, and head North. If we aren’t paying attention, the Universe uses eclipses to push us, sometimes very hard, so we do the work we were meant to do. Release what does not serve us, when we can’t do it on our own, but know we should. Personally, I like to work with energy instead of letting it do it for me, it is much easier that way.

In most cases this is happening in the exact opposite area of your chart as the lunar eclipse. But to know for sure you should create a free chart on a site like here you can see what house will be impacted by the eclipse. Our rising sign houses are usually the most visible as far as seeing an impact in our daily life from transits. The Sun can be more internally felt, and the Moon more emotionally.

Here is the potential impact by house:

Sagittarius – this happens in your first house. Something about you personally is changing. You are releasing a block related to the self. How others see you is about to change. How you present yourself to the world is more in alignment with your true life goals.

Scorpio – for you the 2nd house. This is a change in the money you make. You may need to release a false belief related to your self-worth to achieve more in this area of your life.

Libra – the 3rd house is all about expanding your communication skills, allowing yourself to be opened up to learning something new. Removing any blocks to learning and communicating you have placed on yourself. It is never too late to apologize for how you spoke to someone in the past.

Virgo – the 4th house of home and family means you are letting go of something at home to have a new beginning. Perhaps you are ready to mend the fences with your mom, living or not.

Leo – the 5th house of romance and creativity means you can start a new relationship or take that hobby of yours into a full-blown business venture. You just have to remove your blocks to love and joy.

Cancer – the 6th house rules the day to day activities, being of service, work and our pets. What daily habits around health do you need to break free from? Can you let go of the stress and that little voice in your head and be free you from negative self-talk, so you can finally succeed? Maybe it’s time to free yourself from that comfort food addiction. What do you have to do around the house to make room for a new pet?

Gemini – the Sun in your opposite sign shines a light on you in your 7th house. This can be the beginning or the ending of a relationship. Whichever is for your highest good. It could also just be about taking a relationship to the next level. What do you need to release to have a new beginning in a relationship?

Taurus – in the 8th house you are well aware of what needs to change here. The 8th house rules intimacy, other people’s resources, death and transformation. The Sun and Moon here can end your reliance on someone else’s money. You can finally remove those blocks to intimacy that hold you back from connecting fully to your partner.

Aries – the 9th house is about foreign lands, faraway places, and higher learning, including our spiritual practices. Are you ready to finish a degree or start one? Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? What is in the way of you pursuing your dreams?

Pisces – the 10th house rules your career and status. This is a change or ending here. Maybe you are starting a new job and having to let go of the security of the previous one. A change in status can sometimes indicate a marriage or a divorce.

Aquarius – the 11th house rules our networks and friend groups. Which do you need to let go of? Is there a group you belong to that holds you back? Is there a friendship where you need to release your need to control the other person/s or do you need to stop letting them control you? Do you need to let go of someone or leave some group you belong to that you are no longer in alignment with? Your tribe is out there waiting for you, you just have to be open to the opportunity.

Capricorn – 12th house is a very psychic house, rules large institutions too, like hospitals. And it also rules the subconscious mind. Removing blocks here could open you up to the gifts you need to be successful in your daily life. If you work for a large institution you might be ready for a change here too.

As a reminder you still have new moon wishes to do even though it is an eclipse. Just add into the wishes what you wish to release in order to have your new beginning in the area mentioned above. Since this is in a fire sign it is a good time to work with fire, safely of course. Write out your intentions, say them into your candle and blow it out as a symbol to release. You could burn your wishes as a way to release the blocks. You could also generate your own heat through a vigorous hike, sauna, or any type of vigorous work out. Within about 8 hours of 11:15 am PT on Monday the 14th is the best time to write out your wishes.

May the eclipse serve you in ways that will open you up to a brighter future.

Love and Light!

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