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New Moon in Leo 2022

On July 28th, 2022 at 9:40 am PST we have the New Moon in the sign of Leo. To get all the details on how to manifest with this New Moon you want to check out my self-directed course for manifesting with the Moon. It's only $37 for a limited time and is full of information for all of the signs and the New Moon's and Full Moon's for the entire year! See more here.

New Moon's mean we have the Sun and Moon at the same degree of the Zodiac sign, this time the sign is Leo. The energy is about Me, the opposite of the We energy we experience with Aquarius. So these new beginnings are meant to benefit you on a personal level. It is not the time to make self sacrificing choices, this is meant to make you happy. This sign rules the 5th house in the Zodiac. It is a powerful fire sign. Like the Lion it represents leadership, strength and power. It is energy that enjoys being on stage and garnering a lot of attention. The 5th house is ruled by the Sun, so its presence here makes this an even more powerful new moon. The Sun is our inner world, inner child, our ego, and it represents what makes us feel successful in this lifetime. Where we enjoy success. In the sign of Leo this success can involve children, romance, hobbies and passions. This is the time to set intentions for those things. You have 10 New Moon wishes to make each month that you want to coordinate with your house in your natal chart. You can always book a reading with me where we focus on just the Moon event. It's only $55 dollars here.

For a new moon to occur the Sun and Moon have to be conjunct, meaning at the same degree of a sign. They will both be at 5 degrees of Leo. The number 5 in numerology represents change, being flexible and needing to be willing to change direction. The Sun being our ego self, the Moon is our emotional self. The two have to work together in order to let this new beginning in. New love, new hobby, finding your passion, all may be possible at this time. This energy also has a lot to do with children. There could be a challenge that involves our children that requires us to make a major change.

Adding fuel to the fire will be Jupiter in another fire sign, Aries. This means the planets make a trine to one another. In order to achieve this new beginning there is work to be done. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion. Aries is the sign of strength, independence, self confidence. It is ruled by the warrior Mars. This planet has also just turned retrograde so that means it has even more energy that it is sending out in order to change direction. Jupiter is the ruler over the 3rd fire sign, Sagittarius. That means we have a tremendous amount of fire energy being activated. If you don't do well with fire energy this may be a very intense time for you and you will want to focus on grounding your energy. Whatever choices you make now, they involve reviewing the past, making a change in direction, and that will lead you to this new beginning.

The energy that will be pushing you and making things all around you feel a bit out of control is the t-square, major pressure, coming from the Mars and Uranus conjunct, and square to the planet Mercury. This is our communication, our communication systems, and the god of war all having it out at the same time. This crazy communication is unexpected, outlandish information that is so bizarre it can't possibly be real, but it is. Since this is in the sign that rules over leaders, like Kings and Queens and Presidents, expect yet another shake up in this arena. These planets complete the t-square because the North Node in Taurus is conjunct with Uranus and Mars. They of course all oppose the South Node, the past and our karma. Which means Mercury is also square to the North and South Node. The hands of fate are playing a leading role at the time of this New Moon. They are pushing for change. Mercury ruler of the mind is giving you information that causes you to make a major change.

The rest of the outer planets are maintaining their contact with the Nodes, but they are starting to separate. Saturn squaring to the Nodes still is going to be opposing Mercury, this is a bit wide by degrees but makes this into a Grand Cross. Meaning like the shape of a cross you have these planets forming a square with planets at all 4 points of the cross bars. Then there is the opposition energy in the middle.

Another sign that there is going to be some major event involving the government or government leaders. Saturn can be a very restrictive type of leader especially when he feels disrespected. This planet is retrograde, so again there is the influence of the past. Saturn is the ruler of time and karma and is going to build back to its exact square to Uranus over the coming months. This day may be the tipping point to that final conversation. Remember Uranus wants freedom, Saturn restriction. There may be more masks involved. This is the conclusion of their square that lasted almost all of 2021. Not likely to end peacefully. But the good news is it will end and 2023 the energy will lighten up as a result.

As Mars, Uranus and the North Node continue to get closer together over the next several days the intensity of this New Moon will build into a major crescendo. The North Node is our fate, but sometimes fate means we have lessons to learn about this energy. Once we learn the lesson, let go of the past, then we are able to experience the blessings fate has brought to us. It is so important to remain flexible, focus on positive thinking, acknowledge, but don't be triggered by the negative, and stay grounded.

If you have debated getting a reading in the past but always pass, I wouldn't at this time. So much is going on you really want to work with an astrologer if life begins to feel out of control for you. Just remember you were built to handle whatever life throws at you, don't give into self doubt.

Let's take a look high level at where this new beginning by fire will be happening in your chart. This is most noticeable in your daily life from your Rising Sign perspective, but the Sun's experience will be seen by you on the inside, the Moon will bring an emotional new beginning for you.

Leo - this will happen in your 1st house so you are the star of the show, which you so appreciate. However this spotlight might be a little too bright. The first house is the house of self, how you present yourself to others, your physical body too. Jupiter blesses you from your 9th house of higher learning and spiritual teachers. So you may have a mentor to help you navigate this energy. The squares occur in your 1st, 4th and 10th house. Whatever you are about to change about yourself is a direct result of changes happening in your career and in your home life, and may even involve your partner.

Virgo - your 12th house is where your new beginning energy is happening. This is the house that rules the subconscious mind, large institutions, hidden information, and things like psychic abilities. You may finally break down some barriers to the subconscious mind that helps you break free of negative thoughts that hold you back. The pressure you experience comes from the 3rd the 9th and 12th houses. What you think you know is about to get challenged. Could be a health challenge reaches a peak and you finally get the answers you need to deal with it. Or maybe it is just time for you to take a break and stop thinking you need to learn everything before you start sharing what you know. Jupiter is blessing you from the 8th house of other people's resources. Maybe some money you thought you would never see again comes back to you at this time.

Libra - a new beginning in your 11th house could bring you a new set of friends, because you are so disappointed in the ones you have. Maybe a friend who is introduced to you by your significant other can help you recover. Or a friend who becomes a significant other since Jupiter is lending a hand from your 7th house. The pressure you are feeling is the 11th, 8th and 2nd house. This is a financial pressure most likely. You might need to leave a group that you thought was looking out for your best interests, but in reality they were just taking your money. Do not I repeat, do not sign any contracts right now. They will not turn out as expected. Breaking some is probably a good idea however.

Scorpio - the 10th house brings a new beginning in your career, or some form of recognition from your career. Jupiter is blessing you from the 6th house of work and daily routines. This could be you coming into some money. But it may not come about easily. The pressure in your 10th house, 7th house, and 1st could be causing problems with your partner. You could be having a serious fight about taking on this new opportunity as your partner feels threatened by your success. Follow your heart.

Sagittarius - lucky for you a new beginning in your 9th house feels good. Sag is the natural ruler of the 9th house. You love to grow and expand, travel and gain knowledge of all kinds. Jupiter blesses you from your 5th house of fun, romance and children, passion in general. Perhaps a hobby you have can turn into something bigger. Or a romance turns into something more serious. The pressure of your current job could be what is pushing you to want to do more. The 6th, 12th and 9th could mean you want to take a job overseas to get away from it all. This is also pressure on your health, so you might just need to focus on your mental health more. Get engaged with a good yoga or meditation teacher. Or try my self hypnosis sessions to let go of the stress.

Capricorn - a new beginning in your 8th house can bring you in some financial help. The 8th house is the resources we receive from others. It is also the house of death and transformation. You may refinance something or start getting dividends from an investment. Or your partner could get a raise. Jupiter is blessing you from the 4th house, so maybe you are selling a property and have a great gain as a result. The pressure from your 11th, 8th and 5th house could bring a big argument with some one who feels entitled to some of these new financial gains. Maybe a group you belong to thinks you should give them money. But this is supposed to be a time where you benefit financially, so do what is best for you.

Aquarius - your sign is the one that naturally opposes Leo in the Zodiac. That means this new beginning for you happens in your house that rules over your serious relationships. For those early born Aquarians this means the Sun is opposing your Sun. Your ego is getting a kick in the butt right now and the kick may come from your partner. But its meant to push you outside your comfort zone. Jupiter is bringing you a blessing from your 3rd house. This helps you gain the knowledge you need to make this new beginning in your serious relationships happen. 3rd house is communication and communication devices and communication tools like the internet. Might be a good time for internet dating. The pressure happens in the 4th, 10th and 7th houses so work, family and your partner may all be pulling at you. Perhaps you are letting go of one relationship because of a move or a job change. But at the end of the day that means you are going to meet someone who is meant for you.

Pisces - a new beginning for you happens in the 6th house, which rules your health, your work, the things you do daily, being of service and our pets. Jupiter is blessing you from the 2nd house of the money you make. You could be getting some sort of financial blessing from the work you do. It may cause you to take the money and run. Or it may cause you to reevaluate the money your partner makes or tries to control. The pressure comes from your 3rd, 6th and 9th house. What you think you know, like Virgo, is challenging you right now. Something about how you spend your day is applying a lot of pressure now and it is about to burst, so you will need to make a change. Could be because of the money you are about to get you can make a new job change.

Aries - you may be feeling a lot of joy in your life with the new moon in the house of Iove, and joy and romance. Plus you have Jupiter in your 1st house. It all depends on if you are letting Jupiter make your passion too much for others to handle or if you are using it to make your dreams come true. The pressure comes from the money you make, the money you get from others and your passion. It may be time you stop relying on someone else to financially support you. But the person providing the support feels rejected in some way. A new romance is likely to happen after you learn what it is you really want and stop settling. Once you realize your true self worth you won't be relying on others to build you up any more. This will bring you a great sense of self love. This will also bring a complete restart of your heart.

Taurus - the new beginning for you happens in your 4th house of home and family. You could buy or sell a new home. Become a new parent or someone is being added to your home in some other way. The pressure is at home though. The 1st house, the 4th and 7th, even the 10th are all under pressure. All houses that rule over our relationships, to our self, our family, and our partners, personal and work related. You can't force your way through this one and do it just the way you want. Jupiter is blessing you from the 12th house. Some guidance will be coming through for you giving you the 'way' through this. 12th house is something big and hidden or faraway. When you feel all the frustration, go somewhere quiet, get grounded and ask for the answer to this situation. It will be given. Then make sure you listen and take the appropriate action.

Gemini - in the 3rd house you are working on your communication skills. Could be taking a new class, getting a new car, learning a new language even. Jupiter is blessing you from the 11th house which is a friend that is helping you on this new path you are on. Could even be you are moving in with this friend. 3rd house is being part of a new community as well. The pressure is impacting your health, your subconscious mind and your thinking. Your thoughts are affecting your health, or your job. Maybe both. It is time to stop putting attention on what you don't want and focus on what you do. Big shifts are possible if you do.

Cancer - the new moon for you is in the 2nd house of the money you make. A new beginning or new source of income in the work you do. Especially since Jupiter is also blessing you from the 10th house of career. In order for this to happen you have to start believing you deserve it. The pressure to change your thinking happens in this 2nd house that rules our self worth and values. What you were once passionate about may be changing as a result of this. A friend might interfere with your relationship giving you some unwelcome information about you partner. But know this, and you will finally be set free.

There are of course many different ways this new beginning may happen for you. And this is based on whole sign houses and your houses are likely different. If you want to know for sure just book a quick session with me where we can do a deep dive review.

Love and Light!

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