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New Moon in Aquarius 2022

On January 31st or February 1st, depending on location, we have a New Moon in Aquarius. This will bring the Sun and Moon together at 12 degrees of the sign. The sign of Aquarius rules inventiveness, our friend groups or what I like to call our tribe, networking, connecting electronically. Aquarians can crave freedom, and are a bit eclectic as a result of the ruling planet Uranus. With a New Moon in this area of the zodiac we can set intentions then for new beginnings in these areas.

Every month the Sun and Moon come together and combine our sense of security and our desire for success. This is why it is such a great time for setting intentions. A best practice is to create 10 wishes during each New Moon to help you manifest with the sign being represented. You can also check out my hypnosis track HERE for the sign of Aquarius. Try listening to it first, and then write out your intentions.

At the time of the New Moon Saturn will be just 3 degrees away at 15 degrees of Aquarius, considered a conjunction. Saturn brings, restriction, structure, rules to your New Moon energy. Saturn is also one of the traditional rulers of Aquarius, so the planet’s energy is especially influential. You want to have a plan for your manifesting with the energy of Aquarius.

Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is in a square with the New Moon energies while in a trine to Venus. Saturn and Uranus square was a major theme of the energy last year. This need to break free from structure and restriction will likely play a large role during this event. If you ever had any doubt that the virus has ties to astrology, this new moon may just make that very transparent for all. Look for this to be a fresh start in life wherever you have been fighting for freedom.

Venus has ended her retrograde but she is pretty much motionless as she gains momentum to complete the turn and move forward again. This means the planet has been in an extended trine to Uranus. Love, money, values, combine with freedom, surprise and inventiveness. A trine is supportive energy, but Uranus energy means it is best to expect the unexpected. For cupid’s arrow to strike you in a most surprising way. For your income to change suddenly. What and how you think about love to change. All of course meant to lead you where you are meant to be. Get out of old patterns of behavior that keep you from believing you are enough and you deserve better. The square between Venus and Chiron is also challenging you to break unhealthy habits that cause you to abandon your own ideals for the sake of staying in a relationship.

Jupiter and Mars will be in a sextile, one that is building in strength as Mars approaches the exact point over the next few days. Jupiter expands on whatever it touches. Sextiles are supportive, easy energy, but Mars is not. Mars is a fighter, and as the planet draws on Jupiter’s energy you might just be ready for a big battle. Because we tend to be in a rush when Mars is involved there can be a tendency to be more accident prone. We are far more active in general. Could be some earth quakes, since Mars is now in an earth sign, or other types of weather events. So, it’s a good time to be cautious and aware of your surroundings. What Jupiter ultimately wants is you to take action on your growth and expansion. To connect to spirit in a positive way.

Mercury is stationing to go direct as well in a few days, but before it does it has been in an extended conversation with Pluto. Empowered to speak your mind this energy says. The two are also part of an extended trine with the North Node, and sextile to the South. This is what is bringing out fated news and events. Secrets and hidden plans are coming to the surface now. Maybe one of them puts you on a new path.

What can you set your sights on for your new beginning? The following will be most noticeable based on your rising sign. But it is good to check for your Sun and Moon as well.

Aquarius – this happens in your first house, so you can set intentions that help you present yourself in a unique way, to be yourself, to find where it is you know you truly belong. Which could mean you are going to move from where you currently live.

Capricorn – the 2nd house rules the money you make. You could get a job offer that lets you work from home over the internet. You might get a job in a tech related field. You could create a business of your own that is completely virtual. Perhaps your hobby or your kids does something to disrupt your income, so you have to make a change with how you make money.

Sagittarius – the 3rd house brings you a new beginning in your local community or with communication devices, including a car. You could decide to enroll in an IT course or take a class online. Or maybe it is time you started teaching online. Changes in your job or your health could be what causes you to go back to school.

Scorpio – the 4th house will bring you a new beginning at home or around the home with the people who live there. If you have been feeling disconnected from your family you may see those blocks removed. Could be some kind of surprise involving one of your parents that causes one to move in or move out. Or a change in your marriage.

Libra – as a fellow air sign your energy is in harmony with the new moon event and your 5th house can bring a new beginning to your hobbies, your children, your romance. It is a good time to engage in internet dating. But who you are attracted to typically might not be who you are attracted to now.

Virgo – the new moon in your 6th house brings a new beginning to your daily life. Could be on the job, with a pet, in your health. You could suddenly be a lot more disciplined when it comes to your health with Saturn in your 6th house now for a while now. It’s a time where you are wanting to feel more connected at work for sure. Excellent time for kicking off new innovative ideas at work.

Leo – the 7th house rules your serious relationships, your marriage and business partners. A new beginning here can have some of you getting engaged. Saturn definitely brings a more serious nature to all your relationships during its transit there. You just have to finally decide how to resolve that conflict between your career and your marriage.

Cancer – the 8th house rules the money your partner makes and the money you get from other people or resources. It is also the house that rules over your intimate partnerships. There is the potential for a new partnership to be formed where they are providing a new source of income. You might have to break away from an old networking group in order for this new beginning to happen, or for this new money to come in.

Gemini – another Air sign that works in harmony with the Aquarius new moon. The 9th house rules over foreign travel, higher learning, and growth and expansion. Could be that it is time to enroll in college classes. Or time to travel overseas. Some shake ups within a large organization that you belong to might just be the instigator to this new beginning for you.

Taurus – the 10th house rules your career, fame and recognition. You could get noticed for your innovative creativity. You could be making a fresh start with an employer that is in an innovative field. You just have to let go of your need for control, and doing what you know versus taking a risk and branching out into the unknown.

Aries – the 11th house rules all things Aquarian, so you are making new friends, finding your tribe. This might cause you to change direction at your current job, or cause you to let go of the way you have been making money. Knowing where you belong and being accepted could also totally change the view you have of yourself.

Pisces – new beginnings in our 12th house can be at more of a subconscious level. Unless you happen to work for a large organization or institution like a hospital or prison. This could cause you to change the way you think or communicate, potential for some kind of move here as well.

Give this new moon purpose. Set those intentions and channel those energies into something positive. But remain flexible. Uranus isn’t finished with us yet so be prepared for anything. And as always before you actually start something new wait to see the light back on the Moon and for Mercury to end its retrograde, unless spirit is guiding you otherwise. You can of course book one of my New Moon readings here and get all the specifics based on your chart.

Love and Light!

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