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New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon's represent a new beginning. The Moon is completely darkened and ready for fresh light to be shined upon it. As it moves through each of the zodiac signs you are given an opportunity to work with that energy to create your new beginning.

Aquarius is an air sign, representing how we communicate, and how we think. In the chart above it is represented by waves. Its ruler is Uranus. It is the 11th sign of the zodiac and therefore aligned to the 11th house. Aquarius stands for innovation, technology, surprises, eccentricity, networking, connections, freedom, friendships, humanitarianism and astrology.

A few of the famous Aquarians that stood up for Humanitarian causes were Abraham Lincoln and Rosa Parks.

The body part associated with this sign is the ankles.

Each New Moon you have an opportunity to create 10 New Moon Wishes according to Jan Spiller's book New Moon Astrology. She suggests you write out your wishes within 5 hours of the New Moon. As you write out these wishes you want to be sure to wish for what is best for your soul, not your ego. If you write wishes from your ego's perspective you are most likely writing them from a place of lack or fear. There will be a bit of desperation attached to them and this can lead to a poor manifesting experience. You can choose to write less than 10, but do not write any more than that, as it will lessen the impact of your wishes.

So what is an example of an ego wish vs a soul wish? I wish I had a brand new car vs I want a vehicle that gets me safely to work on time everyday. Your ego needs a new fancy car it can show off in, but your soul just needs something that will protect you. Play around with these a bit until you get the hang of it. You have 10 and you can write more than one on the same topic, so do some experimenting. See which way of writing out your wishes works best for you. Try out different verbiages as well, I want, I wish, I am thankful for. Whatever 'feels' right to you is the best way to write out your wishes. How you connect emotionally to your wishes is as important to how you write them out. If you don't actually believe a wish can come true for you, it won't. So take your time, feel into each wish as you write it down, then say it out loud. You can save your wishes or use the element of the sign to help you manifest with them. An air sign for example is perfect for saying your wishes out loud, especially outside in the wind.

Areas to focus your wishes on when it is a New Moon in Aquarius:


Networking Groups

Healing the Ankles

Learning Astrology

Exciting experiences

Unexpected results


Good outcomes for others

Connection to Others



Innovative ideas


Sample wish for Healing your ankles - I am easily attracting the best specialist to help me resolve this chronic pain in my ankles.

Tarot Card that represents Aquarius is the Star Card. The water bearer is the symbol on the traditional tarot. You can use this card to meditate with to enhance your New Moon wishes as well. Simply pull up a picture of the card online if you do not have your own deck. Then in a quiet space simply gaze into the card and see what messages come up for you. You can do this before you write out your wishes to help you gain more focus on what is for your highest good at this time.

Love and Light and Happy Wishes!

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