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March 2022 Monthly Horoscope

The Month of March kicks off with some very intense energy with Mars and Venus exactly conjunct, alongside Pluto. Passions are running high. During the month we will have a New Moon in Pisces and a Full Moon in Virgo, plus the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. We will also see the end of the shadow period of Mercury and Venus, and truly be ready for new beginnings. Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of the month ahead.

March 1st – Rabbit Rabbit! If you had love on your mind it may be showing up in big ways. Venus and Mars have been dancing together for almost a month now as Venus went back towards Mars during her retrograde. Now she is almost out of shadow and about to face Pluto one more time, but this time with Mars at her side. Her protector. Mars is protecting our heart. Pluto is showing us our fears in love, in passion, in our anger. All are in positive aspect with the North Node and sextile the South. What happens in love now is fated. If you are not on your path, or have not resolved your karma, the lessons may be difficult. Just know what you are being shown is important for you to accept, learn and move forward. The Sun and Uranus are in a sextile as well. How you shine might surprise you.

March 2nd – a New Moon in Pisces occurs as the Sun and Moon meet up at 12 degrees of the sign and are in a sextile to Uranus. What house does Pisces rule in your natal chart? You are likely to see a new beginning that comes about in a sudden, surprising or unique way. Pisces is the 12th house, the last sign of the Zodiac. It is medicine, creativity, artistry, psychic and spiritual energy. It rules over large institutions like hospitals, working for the government, and prisons. Places where you can get lost, or trapped. Neptune the ruler of Pisces is all things hidden and unseen. They are beneath the water. You can either have a dreamy new beginning or a very delusional one. More on this in the full write up.

March 3rd – Venus and Pluto are exactly conjunct where Venus began her retrograde at the end of December. What has the season meant for you? What fears in love have you needed to face? What values have you redefined and are ready to carry forward now? What power do you give to money? Have you realized you cannot devalue yourself just to be ‘in love’? The Moon will be in a sextile to this activity, trine to the South Node. You may finally be ready to release some karmic debt and move forward in love, the love you deserve. Mercury and Saturn have been together for a few days and now it helps you get clear on your thoughts, understanding where you belong and how you want to help others.

March 4th – Venus skips past Pluto and falls back into the arms of her lover Mars in the sign of Capricorn, where they will stay together and move into the sign of Aquarius. You are ready to take action on your new love goals, your financial goals, and you do so with passion. Your growth is exponential with the Sun and Jupiter granting you a major blessing as they join at 14 degrees of Pisces. The Moon with Chiron help you use your emotions to heal yourself and others. It is a dreamy day, just don’t get lost in the fog. Jupiter is the great teacher and will call you out if you try. But it’s a great day for creating things of beauty.

March 5th – The Capricorn energy will be intense as Mars and Venus are at the 29th degree of the sign. This intensity for all things Earth related will give way and move into Air energy as the 2 will move into the sign of Aquarius on the 6th. We go from working hard, focused on our success, on making money, to helping bring others together. The blessing of Jupiter and the Sun continue as well and they move ahead to 15 degrees of Pisces.

March 9th – just as Venus and Mars are beginning their time in Aquarius, Mercury is on the way out. Today the planet enters into the sign of Pisces and we connect our emotions with our thinking and communicating. How we speak may be more gentle over the next 3 weeks, but our brains may also feel a bit on the foggy side. Depends on how you connect with Mercury when it is in the water signs.

March 12th – the Sun and Neptune join today and bring us enhanced creativity and psychic abilities. We may receive some recognition for our Neptunian skills. Both are also making positive aspect to the North Node. Fated events and blessings are possible especially in the house these two are sitting in your natal chart. Even the Moon is in positive aspect to all of these. Positive and very emotional energy. Healing old wounds and grievances is very possible.

March 16th – Mercury and Uranus are in a sextile today which could bring some crazy good news out of the blue. But listen to your gut instincts if it seems too good to be true. The Moon will be trine with Uranus and opposing Mercury, so you can’t just think with your head here. And you need to do a solid check in before you do anything rash based on what you hear.

March 18th – in the wee hours of the morning you will have the Full Moon in Virgo with the Moon at 27 degrees opposing the Sun in Pisces at also 27 degrees. This mean Pluto plays a role as it is in a trine to the Moon and sextile to the Sun. Pluto may empower you to bring some Virgo goals to a conclusion. This is the 6th sign of the zodiac and it rules over things in our daily life, such as our health and work, and our pets. Virgo is exploring things like alternative healing, while Pisces is more about traditional medicine. Virgo wants the facts and order, Pisces wants to dream and be free. Neptune is nearby at 23 degrees of Pisces as well and in a trine to the South Node. There is something from your past that will be released as a result of this full moon. Could be the deep past, but definitely cutting some emotional ties. That energy will come from Mars and Venus sextile to Chiron while square to Uranus. This could be a very interesting love triangle come to light. Or a health issue coming to a conclusion. More to come on this in my full write up

March 19th – the Moon moves right on into the sign that rules our relationships, Libra, and makes a trine over to Mars and Venus, while opposing Chiron. Maybe the issue in your relationship leads you to reach out to your friends for love and support. The Moon wants security in a relationship, but Chiron thinks you need to be strong on your own first. You have to learn to remain independent in your relationships. Not too independent of course, but find the perfect balance.

March 21st – Happy Spring Equinox! At least for the Northern Hemisphere. This means the Sun has now entered the sign of Aries which rules the first house in the Zodiac. It is a time for new beginnings, setting intentions and working on your vision boards. The positive meeting between Neptune and the Nodes will be a theme of the Spring. Fate will step in and lead you where you need to go, especially on your spiritual and creative path. Playing an active role amongst your friend and networking groups is highlighted as Mars and Venus continue to ride together on the air waves of Aquarius. They are forming a tsquare with the Moon and Taurus. A Moon in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus can mean we are instore for some emotional upheavals and surprises. Especially where our finances are concerned. If not finances then maybe it’s love. What are you afraid to feel? Moon in Scorpio wants to find security with our intimate partners, but we have to let go of them in some way in order to connect. Mars and Venus have been squaring Uranus, so relationships are changing and shifting on a larger scale. Our financial goals for ourselves are conflicting with the goals of our friends, or our causes. We have to find a way to serve both. Saturn is in a tsquare with the Nodes, so there is big changes coming to the governance of the internet, or internet groups. This could be when we see regulations come forth for crypto currencies. Mercury and Jupiter are still close together in Pisces, expanding our mind. For some this could be too much going on in your mind. You will want to practice some techniques for calming the mind. Like my hypnosis track for Pisces energy here. We still have a good 6 weeks of energy moving forward. Take advantage of what is showing up to help you break free. Mars square Uranus will be with us for a few days pushing us to do just that. But be careful, this is an extremely volatile energy and you can be more accident prone.

March 23rd – Mercury and Neptune are exactly conjunct in the sign of Pisces. This is foggy energy for your brain. But good for getting lost in dream land and then creating some kind of artistic masterpiece. Especially since both are in positive contact with the Nodes. You could bring something from the past back to life. Hear from someone from the other side even! I don’t recommend signing any kind of contracts or making any long-term life decisions. Mercury is your voice, and Neptune is the artist. Maybe it’s time to start your singing career.

March 27th – Mercury jumps into fiery Aries. Your mind and your mouth are going to be on fire. Good time for problem solving, not so good time for venting. You will be very passionate, and be able to express yourself very forcefully. Just be careful and know when to bite your tongue.

March 28th – Love gets serious as Venus, the Moon and Saturn all meet up at 21 degrees of Aquarius. You could be ready to make a big commitment. Saturn is restrictive and rewarding. So, have you done the work? If so expect some sort of reward. Have you been slacking off? Expect a good head slap. Venus is out of arms reach of Mars, so if you have been irresponsible in love, or having a little too much fun, Saturn is going to set you straight.

March 30th – Venus is in an exact tsquare with the Nodes. Something about your love lesson from Saturn is beginning to take shape. Fate steps in and will lead you to make the necessary changes. The North Node in Venus’s home sign of Taurus is reminding her of her values. The South Node in Scorpio is reminding her what it takes to form intimate partnerships. You can’t just hide behind the internet, it is time to get real and take a chance on love.

April preview – We will have a New Moon in Aries on the 1st of April, should make for an entertaining April Fool’s Day. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Chiron will all be conjunct! The Full Moon will be in the sign of Libra, bringing to fullness our relationship goals once we figure out who we are with the New Moon in Aries. Venus and Mars will both enter into the sign of Pisces, and at the very end of the month Pluto will go retrograde at 28 degrees of Capricorn. It has been in the sign since 2008! It will enter Aquarius on March 23 of 2023! It won’t move into Pisces until March 9th of 2043! Pluto is very inner, personal work. Good time to reflect on what the themes have been in your life since 2008. How does that match the house it is transiting in? And where is it headed in your chart? If you need help figuring it all out. You know where to find me. Here.

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