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Life changing events in March 2023.

Updated: May 5, 2023

March Monthly Horoscope 2023

The Month of March is going to be one to remember, we have so many big shifts happening this month. March 7th has the Full Moon in Virgo, March 21st the New Moon in Aries, and this marks the Spring Equinox. Just after the Full Moon we will see Saturn move into the sign of Pisces. A sign it last transited in 1994. Lessons from that year may be important for you now. Then on the 23rd the big power house planet Pluto, will dip briefly into Aquarius, where Saturn just left.

Saturn built the structure for the last 2 ½ years while it was in Aquarius, now Pluto comes in to help you realize the power you have because of the structures you built. For 20 years Pluto visits a sign and teaches us about power and fear, and most of all transformation. Pluto has not been in Aquarius since 1777. We were in the midst of the American Revolution, and breaking free of government restrictions that were being led from afar. We also had, but didn’t know it yet, Chiron in Aries, that planet was not discovered for about 200 more years. This energy is about a need to heal the things that keep us from gaining our independence, from having the self-confidence we need to be independent. This means we are not likely to take threats to our country’s independence from outside influences lightly

Pluto takes about 240 years to make its way around the zodiac. That is why it was the time of the American Revolution that we last saw Pluto in Aquarius. While we declared our independence in 1776, we didn’t actually have it. The battles waged on for years after that. But the theme is accurate. Once you declare your need for freedom, you then have to fight for it from whomever has power over you. That will be our theme for the next 20 years. But unlike that time period, we do not have the South Node in Capricorn, moving us away from government restrictions. We also do not have Saturn in Scorpio, giving structure to a big transformation, and experiencing a lot of death. I know there are a lot of comparisons out there from that time, but you have to look at the full picture, not just one angle. Something I have found fascinating from the Outlander series, books and television, is the history of that time specifically. Granted it is a dramatic storyline, but the history is still fascinating. If you want a little romance and history lesson, you should check them out.

Here is the thing, Aquarius energy does not like structure, it enjoys total and complete freedom. This is why it was so difficult when Saturn in Aquarius, was squaring its ruler Uranus, beginning back in 2021. It was a constant battle between restriction and freedom, and we saw it play out over and over again as a result of the pandemic. Now things are different. You will briefly see just until May what you have the power to do. How you have the power to express your freedom. Then some people won’t like that, Pluto will dip back into Capricorn, and restrict our individual power again until the end of this year, or at least try to. But you won’t forget this taste of freedom, and plan how to get it back.

My take on the energy of the planets above, is that they too are on a growth journey. If they simply returned to the same place in the sky and did the same thing every time, there is no growth. We are on a journey to understand the power the people have, that means changes have to come to how we are being governed. Things will continue to escalate and get more uncomfortable until we stand up and do something about it. But that does not mean the government in place just changes hands, it has to change the way it meets the needs of the people. Pay close attention to the months between March and May they will provide a glimpse into the future.

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March 1st – the month begins with the Moon speaking in harmony with the Nodes of fate and the Sun. It’s Pisces season with the Sun there now. As it speaks with the Moon we will feel emotionally strong, especially as the Moon is in its home sign of Cancer. Great day to tune in and listen to your intuition.

March 2nd – Saturn and Mercury meet at the critical 29th degree of Aquarius. Could be a day where important information is shared amongst a specific group of people. Travel or the internet might experience some type of restriction. Venus and Chiron meeting together in Aries with Jupiter there could be bringing up a major need for some healing words as well. When Jupiter and Venus meet that is a blessing, Chiron adds in the healing, and Aries is war. Maybe there is a breakthrough and possibility for some peace talks. This energy is with us for a few days.

March 3rd – Mercury enters into the sign of Pisces after leaving Saturn behind in Aquarius. It initially meets up with the Moon in Leo for an odd conversation. Your mind and your intuition are not on the same page at all. Not a day to take any major steps. But you will notice a gentleness to your thoughts and words in the weeks ahead.

March 5th – Mercury speaks in harmony with the Nodes of fate. The information you are given today will be important and should be paid close attention to. Pisces is energy that is very creative. Great day for any type of creative project and being able to move it forward.

March 6th – The Sun in Pisces speaks in harmony with Uranus in Taurus. This is a day for inventiveness and medical breakthroughs. Or we could hear from some Aliens. Pisces is the 12th house, psychic abilities and far away places. If you are psychically inclined your powers are enhanced and you could get messages from the other side.

March 7th – this is a big day! We have the Full Moon in Virgo, in a t-square to Mars, not quite out of shadow, in positive aspect to Uranus, and Saturn enters into Pisces! In order to complete your Virgo goals, you are going to have to take action on the information that Mercury and the Nodes gave you a few days ago. It requires you to make a big change. Virgo is a healing energy, alternative healing modalities, like crystals, reiki, energy in general. It is an earth sign, very grounded. Mercury as the ruler of Virgo introduces a layer of control, needing to know all the details, needing to have a plan, and I lovingly refer to it as OCD. The Sun shines a light from the sign of Pisces, more traditional healing. Whatever you are trying to complete here it will not go as expected. In fact, when you set your intentions do so broadly. If you charge your crystals keep in mind they might be a bit uppity with this kind of energy. Mars in the tsquare says something you thought you knew was all wrong, very wrong. And as a result, you have to change your thinking. Saturn moving into the sign of Pisces will bring 2 ½ years of rebuilding the medical and artistic community. This is the 12th house and rules the subconscious mind, perhaps we will see some breakthroughs dealing with the brain. Things like dementia and other illnesses related to the inner workings of the brain. Only time will tell of course and we will be talking in depth about this in the coming months. I will have the full details in my article posted here. This is going to be a good one so don’t miss it!

March 10th – Jupiter and Chiron today meet at 14 degrees of the sign of Aries. These are both planets that like to teach and guide us on our journey of self-discovery. Their power is even more elevated when they speak together. There is a chance for deep healing. If you are a healer there is a chance your work may be elevated at this time. Definitely a blessing so take a look at where you have this happening in your chart. That is where you may see it showing up for the next week.

March 11th – more chances for enhanced healing come from Venus as she is still in Aries and now speaking in harmony with its ruler, her lover, Mars. Mars is almost out of shadow, just a few more days to go. There may be a lot of passionate speeches being given. Perhaps we lose a significant leader during this time and there is a powerful eulogy being given. Whatever this is about it will be a surprise. Mercury and Uranus are meeting up to create a lot of energy around communication.

March 12th – some of the communication out there might be a bit untrue and need to be exposed. Mars will square off with Neptune today. Neptune in Pisces can be a bit deceptive when tapped into with that intent. As Mars is aggressively speaking its mind in Gemini, it won’t take kindly to the deceit. Wherever you are trying to deceive yourself, time is up. This started last year when Mars first squared off with Neptune. Right around Oct 12th something came up that created conflict. You have been thinking about it since the second time they spoke in November. Now both are moving forward and it’s time to resolve the conflict and move on. End of story.

March 16th – so maybe you decided to delude yourself a little longer, now you no longer can. This could be a mind-blowing kind of day. Neptune, Mercury and the Sun are exactly conjunct at 25 degrees of Pisces and exactly square to mars, just having ended its retrograde shadow period. Mercury Cazimi is already mind blowing on its own. For some though it is really energizing and brilliant ideas can be created. I do expect there to be some outcomes to some major legal battles. Escalation of conflicts overseas, or finally the de-escalation of them. With the Moon in a trine to Uranus, and Pluto square to Venus, there is some major power struggle energy and erratic and unexpected emotional shocks. Venus squares can sometimes mean the death of a prominent female figure when it is speaking to Pluto. Definitely someone that speaks to our hearts. Whatever happens is going to be big. Make this a day where you stick close to home and don’t travel unless you really have to, and then do so really cautiously. In fact, I recommend that the few days before and after this date to be safe.

March 17th – Venus gets to be at home in the sign of Taurus, a welcome relief from all the fiery energy of Aries. Now it’s time to get more grounded with our heart. Of course, this could mean you want to eat a lot of comfort foods, and do a lot of online shopping to deal with all the stress around you. Do yourself a favor and put yourself in a spending time out.

March 18th – Pluto and Mercury speak in harmony today, giving you the power to speak with authority. Pluto in Government ruled sign of Capricorn, means there may be important messages given by the government today. Could be specifically government’s overseas with Mercury in Pisces still, but it quickly is moving into the sign of Aries. This will give you an individual voice. Perhaps give a new leader a voice. Could be a female leader as Saturn will be speaking in harmony with Venus.

March 20th – the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is marked by the movement of the Sun into the sign of Aries. This is the astrological beginning of the year. It is an important day. Venus speaks directly with the North Node and it opposes the South Node in Scorpio. Our destiny for the spring involves our Venus energy. Love, money, beauty and our value systems. To follow your North Node path, you must learn the lessons of the South Node. Scorpio lessons are about death and transformation, about facing the darkness, making peace with our fears. By letting go of what isn’t real we can create something beautiful, something that we can experience with our senses. Mercury is inconjunct the South Node, providing some details to us about what we need to let go of. They could come from a strange place or person, or just in a strange manner. The Moon is in dreamy Pisces speaking closely with Neptune. The means we will feel things deeply in the Spring or Fall down under.

March 21st – immediately following the Spring Equinox is our New Moon in Aries. To better connect with the energy of Aries check out my Blog and hypnosis session here. This is the ultimate time for setting your intentions for new beginnings. A lot of people create their vision boards at this time. I have created a virtual vision board for you to experience here. Mercury is nearby at 5 degrees of Aries, helping us create new ideas for ourselves. This is a perfect time to consider signing up for some course that helps you build your leadership skills. We have a lot of Aries energy with Jupiter and Chiron both here as well. We have a lot of work to do on ourselves, and all the support we need to do it. Venus is still speaking to the Nodes and also the Marriage asteroid Juno. There is a renewed commitment you are making now to love yourself. Maybe just to love overall. Even Saturn is speaking in harmony with the Nodes, and it will be for an extended period of time. This means there is work to do, but when you do it, Saturn will bless you with results. Mars is moving forward, clear of shadow, but still hanging on a bit to its argument with Neptune. I dig more into the details by sign here.

March 23rd – wow is this week a powerful week or what? Pluto now moves into the sign of Aquarius, the age of Aquarius some say. It won’t be an easy transition. The Planet is squaring the Moon and inconjunct with Mars. That is some explosive energy. I guess you could say that Pluto is going to make sure we know it has arrived. I won’t repeat all I said above about Pluto’s effect on Aquarius we will know soon enough. Mars will be in this strange angle with Pluto while it sits at the critical 29 degree of Gemini, and as it continues into the intense 0 degrees of Cancer. Mars does not like the water sign energies. Too much emotional stuff to deal with. In fact, he is just a bad house guest in the sign of Cancer. But the planet will speak in harmony with Saturn, so for some reason we feel the need to control some emotions at this time. Probably because of that issue from Pluto squaring the Moon. Those emotions are what we need to create changes, and this might just give us the structure and the motivation to use them for good. Pluto will also be squaring to the Nodes, while not exact, it is going to be enough to cause some fated shifts in power. At least introduce the idea to us.

March 25th – the Sun is making odd contact with the South Node. Could there be something about a leader that is brought to the surface and causes a change in leadership? Mars enters into the sign of Cancer officially today, putting an end to your Gemini work from last year. 7 months of Mars in Gemini felt like the longest Mercury retrograde ever. My Mars is in Gemini, I am used to information flowing to my mind really fast and then being able to make decisions right away, or share the information freely. Glad that is behind us. Of course, now that inconjunct energy of Mars and Pluto, both planets that have rulership of Scorpio, war, death, and transformation, is upon us. Something very strange is going on and we won’t be able to miss it. For you personally maybe you find the power or strength to make a change you never would have seen yourself being able to do in the past. This could also mean strange alliances being created too.

March 26th – Mercury and Chiron come together for some more healing messages. Jupiter is still nearby as well, so this makes the messages a big deal. Words have the power to heal, so does water. Now comes the big help we need to heal. Saturn, Mars and the South Node are speaking in harmony and forming a Grand Water Trine. This gives us what we need to heal. What we need to create. But we have to take the action, it will present itself to us as an opportunity, but we have to be the one to actually do something with this energy. This energy will be with us into the first days of April when things start to really improve.

March 30th – Venus meets up with Uranus in Taurus at exactly 16 degrees. Venus likes her freedom and with the help of Uranus she gets it. If you need to break free from a bad relationship, work or personal, now is the time. Maybe you experience a bit of kismet where love or money is concerned. Whatever happens it will take you by surprise and it will be intense. While Pluto is in a tsquare with the Nodes, it opposes the Moon briefly in Leo, while it too squares the Nodes. Fate is making a big change today. Something you were sure would never change, does so today. Fixed signs are all a part of this tension, and that means something has gotta give.

March 31st – whatever that pressure was about you feel good about it today, as the Sun and Moon speak in harmony, while both are in fire signs. Our Grand Water trine is getting stronger too. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. If you got some lemons, now is the time to make lemonade. Trust me it will be the best lemonade on the market too.

April preview – with all the big shifts behind us it is time to settle into the new energy. As the month begin Mars, Saturn and the Nodes are still working closely together to get you on your fated path. We still have some good energy to move things forward, but Mercury will enter its shadow in about a week. Then it’s time to pay attention to what your work will be with that Taurus retrograde energy. Mercury is officially retrograde as of the 21st. We have the full moon in Libra on the 6th, and then believe it or not it’s time for the eclipses again! This first one happens at 29.5 degrees of Aries on April 20th. When you have an eclipse at a critical degree like this you need to prepare for a significant shock. Especially with Pluto in Aquarius in an exact square to the Sun. This is a life changing event for the collective. The last time we had this eclipse energy it did not include Pluto, that was April of 2004. Pluto was in Sag then and a bit more supportive. We had a shorter cycle for the previous one in March of 1987. Give those years some thought, and see what was being eclipsed out of your life, so something better could come in. This can be a time of significant breakthroughs as long as you let them through.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

Love and Light.



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