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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 30th, 2020

Monday November 30th at 4:28 am ET we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 8 degrees and 38 minutes in the sign of Gemini. This means the Sun is at the same degree in the opposite sign of Sagittarius. A lunar eclipse is felt more internally. The Moon rules our emotions, home, and family, what we need to feel safe and nurtured. Eclipses come in pairs, one Lunar and one Solar. This means we will have a new moon Solar Eclipse on December 14th. Eclipses occur close to the Nodes. The North and South Node are sitting in Gemini and Sagittarius at 19 degrees 54 minutes. This is a wide conjunction for the Moon and the Sun and could lessen the energetic impact.

The Moon in Gemini can give your feelings a bit of a roller coaster ride. Gemini is the sign of the twins, it sees both sides, light and dark. It is all about communicating, thinking, working with the hands, such as writing. Those with the sign of Gemini might be known for speaking with their hands.

A Full Moon is always a time for completion and releasing. The Moon has completed its monthly cycle, from complete darkness to full light. Like a flower blooming it is time to be released from the plant so a new flower can be grown in its place. You are the plant and you are ready to release this flower.

The Full Moon is inconjunct with Venus who is sitting at 10 degrees of Scorpio. This mean love, money, self-worth, our value systems are making it hard to let whatever this represents for you, go. Venus doesn’t feel secure in Scorpio and would rather hang on to what she knows than start all over with something unknown. She is also weakened by her opposition to Uranus in Taurus, her home sign. This is disruptions in love and money, and they should come to an end with this eclipse.

The Moon is strengthened by both Mars and Chiron in Aries. You are going to be successful completing and achieving this goal you have for yourself emotionally. In fact, you can finally release an old wound that has been holding you back for some time now. This old way of thinking no longer serves you.

The Sun always challenges the Moon during a full moon. The ego self needs convinced that this is ready to be released. Opposition energy is always about finding balance. You think of a magnet with opposing poles of energy. Push as hard as you might and they still won’t come together. One or the other has to shift polarity for them to work together. One can completely move, or both can shift slightly.

Neptune ends its retrograde motion the day before the Full Moon, finally some of the fogginess and deceptiveness will clear, albeit slowly. The time we spent in retrograde will have helped us tap into our spiritual or creative pursuits. Now it is time to share them with the world. But Neptune squares with the Nodes, so you have to make sure you are following your path, creating what is for your highest good.

While not impacting the Eclipse directly Mercury in Scorpio is making positive contact to the Godfather planets in Capricorn. Since Mercury actually rules this eclipse as the planetary ruler of Gemini, the energy is even more intensified. There very well could come up from the deep some dark secrets that need to be revealed. Some type of sinister plan exposed so it can be quashed once and for all. Eclipses are about releasing that which does not serve you. This is why suddenly relationships end, or your feelings about a person seem to change overnight. The situation, or person, or even a job, may be holding you back from where you are meant to be. So, the Lunar eclipse may get you ready for this emotionally, and the Solar will whisk it away.

Let’s look at where this will be occurring for you based on your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign.

Gemini – this happens in your first house. Something about you personally is changing and it will impact your partnerships or serious relationships.

Taurus – for you the 2nd and 8th houses are activated. This is a change in the money you make and the money your partner makes. This is also learning to value yourself and remove the blocks to intimacy you have placed on your relationships.

Aries – the 3rd house and 9th house axis is all about expanding your mind, allowing yourself to be opened up to learning something new. Removing any blocks to learning you have placed on yourself. It is never too late to get a higher education.

Pisces – the 4th house of home and family means you finally can complete that project at home. While the 10th house means your focus on career needs to shift so you can enjoy things at home more.

Aquarius – the 5th house of romance and creativity means you can start a new relationship or take that hobby of yours into a full-blown business venture. Just remember it is ok to separate yourself form the crowd and shine on your own.

Capricorn – the 6th house and 12th house opposition is a battle between the day to day and the bigger picture. What daily habits around health do you need to break free from? Can you let go of the stress and that little voice in your head and be free you from negative self-talk, so you can finally succeed?

Sagittarius – the Sun in your home sign shines a light on you while the Moon is shining a light on your partnerships. This can be the beginning or the ending of a relationship. Whichever is for your highest good. It could also just be about taking a relationship to the next level.

Scorpio – as the ruler of the 8th house you are well aware of what needs to change here. The 8th house rules intimacy, other people’s resources. The Moon here can end your reliance on someone else’s money. Or it can bring that loan you have been working on.

Libra – the 9th house is about foreign lands, faraway places, and higher learning, including our spiritual practices. Are you ready to finish a degree? Are you ready to take your skills to the next level?

Virgo – the 10th house rules your career and status. This is a change or ending here. Maybe you are starting a new job and having to let go of the security of the previous one.

Leo – the 11th house rules our networks and friend groups. Which do you need to let go of? Your hobbies and romance may be challenging your ability to belong somewhere or vice versa. It’s okay to venture outside your comfort zone.

Cancer – 12th house is a very psychic house, rules large institutions too, like hospitals. And it also rules the subconscious mind. Removing blocks here could open you up to the gifts you need to be successful in your daily life.

The above are just a few examples of the way the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse may impact you. Again, this could just be subtle internal work as well. It could be sometime down the road and you realize, hey I no longer crave sugar! Or I am no longer hung up on that certain someone. That recurring dream has suddenly vanished. I have a free mini hypnosis session that helps you get in tune with the Sagittarius part of this Lunar eclipse. You can find it here.

Release ceremonies involving Air are encouraged whenever you have a Full Moon in Gemini. This is words, writing, thinking. So, journaling and meditation about what you wish to release may work best. Give this energy intention to help you work with it instead of having it just work on you.

Wishing you much love and light!

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