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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse June 5th, 2020

This will be the first of 3 eclipses, with the final one occurring on July 4-5th, depending on your location. There is major work to be done with these upcoming cycles, but today our focus is on making emotional changes.

The Moon represents what makes us feel safe and secure, it represents the Mother. The Sun represents the Father, our success, and our ego. When the 2 meet up each month there is a battle or opposition type of energy between the feminine and the masculine. The key of any opposition is finding the perfect balance between the two. This time there is a lot of challenging energy making it very difficult to find this balance.

The Moon and Sun and Mars are all at 15 degrees and form a T-square. This is immense pressure under normal circumstances, during a lunar eclipse it is multiplied at least 10-fold. So, you have the feminine energy of the Moon opposing the masculine energy of the Sun, and the very masculine warrior energy of Mars, plus the Moon is in a fire sign. Emotions are charged and over the top for a reason right now. Now add to this Venus is retrograde and still within a few degrees of all of these energies. This is the stuff that wars are written about. It’s like Helen of Troy, and all these ‘men’ are battling for her. Venus represents our values, our self-worth. In Gemini Venus represents both the light and the dark energy that defines us. Which are you identifying with?

The story unfolding before you is about fight or flight. How are you wired? Which way do you react when you are in pain? Do you withdraw or do you lash out? You are seeing this unfold on the world stage right now. Those who identify with Mars, or fire energy are lashing out. Those who identify with the feminine are peacefully protesting. The amount of feminine energy is small compared to the masculine and fire energy. Venus is feminine energy, but in retrograde motion and still hidden from view by her proximity to the Sun. The feminine energy is in the shadow of the masculine. The numbers are smaller, but have the potential for great growth as long as they remain feminine in nature.

For those outside of the Americas who can view the Lunar eclipse you will notice a very subtle shadow on the Moon as it passes between the Sun and the Earth. This is a moment to pause and see what emotionally is there in the dark that you need to face, and then release.

Let’s look at each of the planets and luminaries. The Moon in Sagittarius is about our belief system, our ideals, our quest for knowledge and a higher purpose. This is the energy of the civil rights movement, the right to vote, the ending of the Vietnam war. But these things only change when we release a way of thinking to let something new in, something that is beneficial for all, not just a select privileged few.

The Sun in Gemini is exposing the light and dark side of how we communicate with one another. Internet, twitter, all the social media platforms are being lit up and exposed. Gemini is our thoughts, our mind, how we speak to one another, our writing. We are meant to see it all right now, and then decide on what we believe to be the truth.

Venus is reborn as the Sun passes her by and she becomes a morning star again. The story of Venus is that for 6 months of the year she is an evening star, kept by Hades or Pluto in the Underworld. She was meant to be there for eternity, but a mediation of sorts occurred and she was allowed to spend 6 months of the year with her mother on the earthly plain. And so, this is why we have the season of fertility and growth, along with the cycles of death and rebirth. In retrograde and squaring all the masculine energy Venus is going through a very painful rebirth process. We are being pressured to define what love and what our value system will be going forward. Those relationships that are strong will endure this change. Those that are not will be permanently broken. We will spend the rest of the retrograde figuring out this rebirth process. It will not be easy, but it will be purposeful.

Mars in Pisces, is a masculine planet in a feminine sign, and very volatile. This warrior energy is stirring our emotions up, causing us to fight for our ideals. Pisces is the 12th house, it is the subconscious, it is all things hidden. Mars is exposing all 12th house things. The deepest darkest thoughts are coming to the surface to be seen, so they can be dealt with. The 12th house is also endings. Mars is finishing a cycle, and will return home to Aries and become very strong, and go retrograde. What are you willing to fight for? You will know by the time the retrograde ends. With this energy squaring off with the Moon, Sun and Venus you are being asked to make a change, a big change. What are you willing to fight for? Can you let go of what used to make you feel safe and secure for the sake of a bigger purpose? Can you let your ego fall and let spirit through? Can you fight fair in love? All of these planets are at the midpoint of a sign. It’s decision time. How will you finish out your work?

The ruler of the Lunar Eclipse is Jupiter, who is in retrograde and conjunct with Pluto, marching ever closer to its exact conjunction in a few weeks. This is the need to transform and rebirth our ideals, our belief systems, our connection to a greater power. Capricorn rules governments and their rulers. Great transformation is needed in this area, and it will continue to be blown up over the next several weeks, with lots of varying pressure points, until a breakthrough occurs.

Mercury the ruler of Gemini is still in its sextile with Uranus. This is giving the People a voice, but in a somewhat erratic way. As this energy shifts you will start to see the message solidify, the people coming together with one voice. Mercury in Cancer is a messenger for the importance of home and family. At the end of the day family is what matters. Not your job, not your boss, not some politician who has lost their way in the world. So how do you define family? How do you show them how much you care? What example do you set for them? Are you able to share with them your point of view, or do you keep it hidden away? This is not a time to be given answers, but a time to seek them on your own. There is work to be done, and no easy way out. But we are ready for the challenge.

So how might you be seeing this show up in your life? Following are some general forecasts based on your Sun, Moon or Rising sign. Don’t know what they are? Try out a website like or Astro.Com.

Sagittarius this pressure is occurring between your 1st, 7th and 4th houses. You are facing the truth about who you are as an individual and who you are in relationship to others. You are fighting for your family and home right now. It is time for a change to occur there.

Scorpio the 2nd, 8th and 5th houses are asking you to shift your views on money and get out and have some fun again. Battles between you and others over money are wearing you down. Mars in the 5th house says this is causing a battle in your love life. It’s time to find a new love or passion that better suits you.

Libra your boiling point occurs between the 3rd, 9th and 6th house. You are feeling pressured to stay close to home, when you really want to get away. A change will have to occur in your job to bring you some peace.

Virgo you are feeling the pressure between your commitments to family and your commitments to others with the 4th, 10th and 7th house squaring off. In order for you to benefit from this cycle you have to decide what you are willing to commit to.

Leo with the 5th, 11th and 8th house battling it out you are being asked to break the cycle of self-involvement. This is your home sign, Leo is the 5th house. You are being pushed to evolve in a major way. You will need to expose yourself, allow transformation to occur.

Cancer with the 6th, 12th, and 9th house you are questioning your daily life. What happened to what you wanted, what you believed in? How did you get so caught up in someone else’s daily routines, that you forgot who you are and what you want from life? A connection to a higher power is needed for you to have a breakthrough.

Gemini the opposite battle of Sagittarius with the 7th, 1st and 4th house squeezing you. In order to define who you are in relationships you have to break free of some emotional trap from your childhood. You can’t keep repeating the cycle. You are defining who you are, maybe even where you live is about to change.

Taurus 8th, 2nd and 5th house much like Scorpios battle. You need to decide you are worth it, stop dating those type of people that hold you back. Stop defining yourself by what other people think of you. You need to bring joy back into your life and not be so focused on money and how it defines you.

Aries battling in the 9th, 3rd and 6th house much like Libra. But your ideals are being challenged. What you stand for is really being challenged. It may cause you to break away from a health routine, a job, or something else in your daily life that holds you back.

Pisces the 10th house and 4th house mean there is a battle between work and home, and the 7th house is adding to this tension some potential issues with your partner, be it work or personal relationship. You need to define what a healthy relationship looks like, and then stick to those ideals. No more wavering.

Aquarius with your 11th, 5th and 8th house pressuring you there is a challenge to belong to something that inspires you. There is a need for fun, but also a need to be responsible, and then there is that desire for a passionate relationship. You want to remain independent, but you also want to belong to someone or something. You have to let your guard down to let this transformation occur.

Capricorn the 12th, 6th and 9th house work mean you need to see something about your daily routine that is no longer serving you. Your dreams are trying to tell you something important right now. It may be that you are so busy you can’t focus on what you want, which is to learn and grow. You have to make some changes in order to take control of your life back.

All of the above is just some generalization of the potential for the energy and how it may affect you. To truly know you would want to book a reading with me, or sign up for one of my coaching packages. This next month can be very positive and life changing if you do the work and don’t get distracted by others. You are what matters most right now. Fill yourself up with love, and take care of you. When you are whole, those around you will also be whole, or they won’t be around you for much longer. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Love and Light!

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