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February Monthly Horoscope 2021

As we start the month of February Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius making it now 5 planets, plus the asteroid Pallas Athena all in the sign! That is a lot of focus on being connected to the greater good! Mercury is retrograde for the first time this year, and the Nodes are shifting ever so slightly off their square to Neptune. This month is still intense, but slightly less so than January was.

February 1st – Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius and love is focused on friends and bringing people together. The next several weeks you might also be spending more time sharing your love via the internet. You might also be inclined to want to spend money on electronics, but don’t do it, Mercury retrograde will have you regretting that decision in no time.

February 3rd – the Moon in deep dark Scorpio’s emotional waters is opposing Uranus and Mars while squaring Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun. This is a brief feeling of extreme pressure. The strongest energy is Saturn, so pay attention to lesson’s that planet shares with you today. Stay disciplined with how you express your emotions when you come up against some surprises.

February 4th – the energy emotionally at least feels a bit better as the Moon makes a trine over to Neptune in Pisces. This is that feel good energy you love to escape into once a month. Go find your happy place and create something beautiful.

February 5th – Saturn and Venus meet up at 5 degrees of Aquarius and love and finances feel a lot more serious. The Moon lends some emotional support from happy and fun Sagittarius trying to lighten the mood a bit. You may want to move forward in a relationship, but Saturn says to look at it from the big picture view. What you see only on the surface may not be enough. It seldom is. Plus, that square to Uranus is really building right now and you just don’t know what to expect. Slow down and look before you leap.

February 6th – Venus and Uranus square off exactly at 6 degrees of each other’s respective sign rulership. Uranus rules Aquarius where Venus is and Venus rules Taurus where Uranus is. That means each has a stronger connection, symbiotic in a way. Trust that whatever is coming up for you now where love and money is concerned is meant to move you out of your comfort zone. Love has to serve the greater good, and love also has to set you free. If you are trapped or stuck in your relationship you may not be much longer. Venus also makes positive contact with Chiron, your life coach. This energy also wants you to use your love or money to heal others.

February 7th – Saturn meets up with Chiron today as well, and gives you another shot in the arm with confidence that you can help others heal, as well as complete your own healing journey. These two will be joined for some time now as neither moves very quickly. Pay close attention to the topic of healing at this time. It requires serious effort. Speaking of serious, the Moon moves into serious Capricorn and makes a trine over to Uranus in Taurus. This could give you some insight into a financial or work-related matter.

February 8th – Mars and the Moon make a trine today that has you fired up about that tip you got from Uranus and you are ready to charge ahead. But Mercury and the Sun meet up at 20 degrees of Aquarius for the first time during the retrograde. So, you are reviewing your friend groups and how you connect with others. Might not be the best time to make any final decisions about leaving or joining a group just yet. Whenever the Sun and Mercury get close it is what we astrologers call Cazimi, which can feel like your brain is on fire. Anxiety can run high. This would be a good time to go listen to my Youtube video for the sign of Aquarius. It will help you tune and calm down and feel connected. Anxiety is really just energy run amuck in your body and mind. Yoga, meditation and hypnosis are all options for calming down and clearing your mind.

February 9th – Fate just might have some type of message for you today. Mercury in retrograde is now making a trine to the North Node and a sextile to the South. They will meet up once again when Mercury moves forward again. For now, just listen, you don’t have to act quite yet. The Moon also is conjunct with Pluto, which is a good time to unplug and go within.

February 10th – the Nodes moved to 17 degrees of their respective signs and Mars is now inconjunct the South Node. This is some action you took in the past coming back to haunt you in some way. Or you didn’t listen and tried to take action on the message you heard earlier between Mercury and the Nodes. Things may not go as expected right now. So best to ponder this instead of acting. But if you do tune into your intuition, the Moon and Jupiter are conjunct and that is where you will find the answers you seek.

February 11th – we have a new Moon in the sign of Aquarius at 23 degrees. Since Mercury is still in retrograde it might be good to focus those new moon wishes are things you can re-do or rediscover. Repairing electronics is a good choice for example, versus buying new ones. Jupiter is conjunct with Venus which could bring a blessing in love or money. But Saturn and Uranus are also almost exact in there square, so don’t go squandering whatever your blessing may be. With Mercury close by this could be a love from the past reappearing or a job of some sort. Just be careful, as Mars is still in a weird angle to the South Node, things may involve resolving some karmic debt. This is one of the least volatile Moon events we have seen for several months. So, don’t get too carried away with the easiness of it all.

February 14th - Happy Valentine’s Day! Jupiter and Mercury are exactly conjunct in the sign of Aquarius and Venus is nearby, making positive contact with the Nodes. This is definitely bringing up lovers from the past. There may be someone you overlooked in the past and now they suddenly pop up again out of nowhere. Perhaps this person will play a role in helping you heal a past wound that helps you move forward and find love again. The Moon conjunct with Chiron says you need to listen to your intuition and let the healing begin. Mars in a sextile to Neptune is firing you up. It’s a great time to delve back into a creative hobby from the past, or a spiritual practice.

February 17th – The Moon and Uranus come together to spice things up. So, do Venus and Mars in a square. Add to that the Sun is at the last degrees of Aquarius, and Mercury is now stationed to go direct again, and wow we have an electric day! There could be all kinds of discoveries today. Give them time to unfold completely. And don’t over react, this too shall pass.

February 18th – Welcome to Pisces season. The Sun will enter the emotional, spiritual, creative sign of Pisces. This is the water sign that rules the 12th house of the zodiac. It is all things that are hidden, large institutions, like hospitals, and faraway places. It is also where we see our psychic abilities and intuition highlighted. Speaking of intuition, the Moon and Mars are joined in the sign of Taurus. This could have you acting a bit more stubborn than usual, as in passive aggressive. Especially as the square to Venus is still going on. Love quarrels and misunderstandings are all possible now. Plus, this is the first of the Saturn and Uranus square being exact. This has been building for some time, but now we just might see how these themes in government in particular are going to play out this year. Mercury at the last degree of its retrograde and standing still will make sure we all hear or see the message loud and clear.

February 20th – the Moon in Gemini is conjunct with the North Node, and opposing the South of course. They are making a trine over to Jupiter in Aquarius, all while Mercury is still stationing to go direct. This is a bit of good news, fated news from the past. Jupiter brings blessings, but it also expands things so we see them for what they truly are. Kind of a blessing in disguise of sorts. Making passions rise are the square still between Venus and Mars, plus a Mars trine to Pluto. Watch out you don’t get burned by the fire.

February 21st – drum roll please, Mercury ends its retrograde motion today. But it is still at 11 degrees of Aquarius. This is the time where a planets energy is more intense, as in you might be feeling like your mind is pulling 4 g’s. Definitely talking way too fast. As there is still a lot of tension and passion in the air be careful what you say. There is some nice energy between the Moon and Venus today, so let your intuition guide you where love is concerned.

February 23rd – The Moon opposes Pluto as Mars is exactly trine. This could be an emotionally tense day. Pushing you to transform an area of your life Pluto may not be so gentle. And Mars wants action. Mars is not happy in slow and steady Taurus energy. He is looking forward to moving fast in Gemini. Venus is also looking forward to being in Pisces energy.

February 24th – a bit more tense energy as the Moon opposes Saturn and they both are in a square to Uranus. This is a day full of emotional surprises, but Saturn tries to keep those in check so you won’t overreact. Venus makes a final push to get you to care for one another as she exits the sign of Aquarius.

February 25th – the planet Mercury finally moves off the 11-degree point and is officially moving forward again. Venus moves into the emotional sign of Pisces and the Sun is sextile to Uranus. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Things are definitely starting to move forward and there is electricity in the air tonight. There could be some sort of surprise recognition received at work today or whatever you do that gets you recognized.

February 26th – fated blessings may be in store for you now that Jupiter is making positive contact with the North and South Node. This energy has been building for a while now and will be with us through at least the end of the month. Watch as some sort of miracle unfolds where the virus is concerned. Some type of new discovery that helps mankind is definitely in the making now.

February 27th – our full moon in Virgo happens at 8 degrees of the signs of Virgo and Pisces. Virgo rules the 6th house of health and daily routines, and being of service to others. This is also the sign associated with animals and natural healing. Might bode well then, that Jupiter and the Nodes are still in positive contact for some type of cure to be found. The Sun opposite the Moon is in positive contact with Uranus still, which means the Moon is as well. Your ego self and your intuitive self are electrified. This conclusion is a good ending. The only major stressor is the sesisquare to Saturn with the Moon. This is like a cure being found and the government comes in to take control of it going forward. More to come on this in my Full Moon article. Feels like a positive way to be wrapping up the month.

February 28th – just like that the month is over! To finish it off the Moon will make a trine back to Mars in Taurus firing up our intuition and our emotions. While both make positive contact to Pluto as well. We are pushing all of our fears aside and moving forward on this day. Literally ready to kick some butt. Make sure you give this energy a purpose so you don’t run around with all this pent-up energy and nothing to do with it. Perfect day for finishing off big projects around the house.

If you would like to know what the month of February has in store for you please book a session with me on my website. Here. I will also have out my latest in the Hypnosis with the signs series for this Pisces energy. You can check out all of my previous sessions on my Youtube channel. Here.

March Preview

March will bring some soothing energy in. The square between Saturn and Uranus will settle in and Mercury will finish covering the retrograde energy. We will all feel like finally moving ahead. We will have a new moon in Pisces around the 14th of March and our full moon will be in the sign of Libra. This will bring some relationship goals to a close around the 28th. We will be free from retrogrades until the very end of April. So, the next 2 months are the ones to make things happen this year. But the very stressful full moon in Scorpio at the end of April will kick off yet another round of intense retrograde season.

Love and Light!

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