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Energycast May 27, 2019

Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to those who serve, their families and friends.

Our general energy card is the 2 of Gabriel/Wands. This is a day of making a choice about the path you are currently on. There are 2 options in front of you. To move forward you need to decide which one to follow. Neither is a bad choice, but staying where you are is. We are wired to move, to grow, to learn. The current situation as it is, has taught you all there is to know. Now you must move forward and choose which avenue you will pursue to bring this new passion you have found to the next level. Wands are about passion, so this is either a relationship decision, a cause, maybe even turning a hobby into a career. Did you know you can see which path to take in your astrology chart??? It is fascinating to see too! Maybe the choice is to book a reading with me!!! :)

The relationship energy is one of my favorites, Serendipity. Yes I am a RomCom kinda girl. But I also just saw John Wick 3, so I am diverse like that! Oh goodness I need to look at what Mercury is doing in my chart today. Ok back to you guys. This is a day of letting fate guide you. This could mean you get a gentle nudge from the Universe on just which path to take. This is chance meetings, this is fate, this is actually really fun energy too. Expect the unexpected in your relationships today. You will be lucky in love. Who knows where you will end up??

The Goddess energy is Yuki Onna, she says in the Stillness you will receive the guidance you need on which path you choose. This is the energy of Serendipity, this is what will appear as if by magic. To get in touch with this energy, there needs to be quiet. Turn off the TV, get out in nature and tune in. Unplug from your phones too. Electronics block us from receiving the downloads from the Universe, when we spend too much time with them, we cannot tune to the station we are meant to be in tune with. The best practice is to do something still and quiet everyday in an effort to hear what you need to hear.

The numerological energy is a 9. This means when we make a choice today we are closing the door on our current path. We are ready to begin a new journey.

The astrological energy has the Moon making a lovely sextile over to Venus and Saturn, and the South Node, plus the trine to the North Node. Emotionally we are guided to make the right choice, and it is very fated. We know this person at a soul level who we are interacting with today, it helps us on our path. The Moon represents home, family, our core self, our intuition, and of course our feelings. We want to feel good, and if we let this energy work with us we will. What a beautiful day ahead!

Love and Light.

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