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Energycast May 13, 2019

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely time with family and/or friends on Mother's Day. The energy today is a bit sluggish. The Sun is in an odd connection with Jupiter today who expands on the energy. But we shall prevail!

The general energy card is 9 of Autumn/Pentacles. This makes for a slower pace, but a successful one. This is the energy of independence, financial rewards, results from something you have been working on for some time. On a slow energy day perhaps this is just what you need, sit back and enjoy the rewards. 9 means we are bringing something to a conclusion, then we are off to the next adventure.

The love energy is Flexible again. A reminder to not be so rigid. This is a really good day for give and take, for letting go of past grudges, maybe even a grudge from yesterday! Relationships require flexibility. There are at least 2 people involved, both are individuals, like the card above, and both have valid opinions. See if today you can see the other person's perspective and not react quite so strongly as you normally do.

The Goddess energy is also one of success, Nike, who says Just Do It, means no one should get in your way or hold you back. This is not a day for self doubt. This is a day where you push anyone and anything aside that is trying to hold you back. You should shine brightly and accept the recognition for your hard work. It is well deserved.

The numerological energy is a 3. The holy trinity. We are tapping into our creator, our creativity and it is a really good day to do so with gratitude.

The astrological energy as I mentioned is a little sluggish. The Sun (ego) is at 22 degrees with Jupiter who is retrograde and what we call inconjunct. I always say this is when 2 planets just can't seem to connect. 22 degrees is also the number of the Master Builder so you really want to do something for other's today, but maybe it isn't coming together as smoothly as you would like. Just be patient and let things unfold naturally. Tomorrow the Sun will be in an exact trine to Pluto and you are going to be a force to be reckoned with. So maybe just practice patience today. It will all get done, I promise.

Love and Light.

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