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Energycast March 4th, 2019

Someone out there is going to enjoy a new beginning in love today. All 3 cards are perfectly aligned today! Imagine that???

The general energy card is the Page of Water/Cups. The pages throughout tarot are the messengers, think of the page at the King's court, they come bearing information from the kingdom or from another kingdom. Today's message brings news of a new love, or some form of new relationship that is beneficial and supportive for you today. Make sure you don't miss it!

The Love energy card is New Love, which shows a new love opportunity appearing in your life. While this could be work, or spiritual love, because of the Page of Water above this speaks to a new love relationship or a new level in an existing one. Perhaps this is a fresh start after a rough patch. Will you be open to receive it?

The action/advice is from our Goddess Metis, and she speaks of Wisdom. Wisdom comes to us in many shapes and forms. Depending on your situation you may need to go within to seek wisdom from spirit. You may need wisdom to help someone else solve a problem. And you may need wisdom to decide if this new relationship that is appearing in your life is for your highest good and the highest good of the person presenting the opportunity to you. Now granted these are just general energies, but these cards all speak to new love for someone out there today.

The numerological energy is an 8, the infinity sign, which to me denotes that this is a relationship of a true soul mate. This is someone from your past and they give you strength or you give it to them. Either way together you are stronger than you are apart.

The astrological energy sees Mercury stationing and about to go retrograde for 3 weeks beginning this Wednesday. If your ruler is Mercury, which means Gemini and Virgo, or you have strong Mercury placement you may already be feeling a change. Mercury is the trickster, and he rules the 3rd and 6th houses of the zodiac. This means our communications, our thoughts and our daily activities can get a redo, or need redoing. Or reevaluating. Basically there is a lot re everything. The best way through is to slow down yourself these next 3 weeks. If you don't pay attention you will just see a lot of mistakes in your paperwork, a lot of miscommunications, maybe even computer and car issues. Where this relook occurs will depend on where you have Mercury natally and where it is traveling in your chart during this retrograde period. But you are already getting some clues from what has been happening over the past 2 weeks. This retrograde happening in the final degree of Pisces which is the final degree of the zodiac, is more important than any retrograde you have seen so far in your lifetime. This is the time in the cocoon where the butterfly is about to break through. This will take the most energy you have to finish this task. So rest, rest, rest, whenever possible. Because once you are free things are going to start moving so fast your head will be spinning. I will do my full blog to show you the impacts for every sign as well.

Love and Light!

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