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Energycast March 30, 2019

Today is a 333 day which brings us a message from our Angels. We have 3 for the day, March is of course the 3rd month, and 2019 is a 3 Universal year. This is a message from our creator, it is a sign of the holy trinity. It asks that we get in touch with our creator or our creative side at the very least today. There is much to be gained when we do.

Our general energy card today is the Ace of Swords, talk about a message from above! This is a fresh new idea, an aha moment, a solution to a problem you have been pondering for months!! You are sharp and quick witted and tackling problems like there is no tomorrow. This is a great day to start out your new meditation program, help clear the mind of those thoughts that no longer serve you.

Our love energy is Practice Compassion. It is almost too easy to judge others especially when we feel like something is being done 'to' us, but if you shift your mindset and instead see this person and their whole journey in a positive light, a weight will be lifted from you. Your response to anything that happens 'to' you is a test. You can react out of anger, shame, blame, and be disappointed. Or, you can remain in control of your emotions and trust that their is a bigger plan, and you are just a very small piece of it. So maybe this will be your aha moment today. Whatever continues to not be going right for you is a chance to practice compassion, even if it is just with yourself!

The action/advice is from our Goddess Green Tara and her message is Salvation. She is a Tibetan Goddess, she who saves. This is our 333 message. Whatever you need will be given. Turn your troubles and worries over to the Divine. Timing is not up to you to decide. When we let go and let God, good things start to flow as if out of nowhere. You are safe and you are secure. Put your focus on gratitude instead of lack. There is much to be thankful for. Mourn your losses of course, but don't get stuck there. Remember you are capable of achieving anything you once had, you just have to get back there energetically. The only thing keeping you from what you want to achieve is your mind. Get clear today on the fact you are loved and let Green Tara handle the rest for you.

The numerological energy is a 6, which means we are focused on both giving and receiving love today. We are looking to be balanced.

Astrological energy has Mercury slowly revving up to move forward again, but he is not moving quickly, so don't push to get anything off the ground just yet. Jupiter, our planet of luck and expansion is starting to slow down and get ready for his retrograde motion. Whatever area of your chart you have been seemingly pushed for expansion, now you have a chance to review your progress, and if you have gotten off track, can correct things. This is months long not a quick hit like Mercury. This impact can be felt gradually, and it does depend on where it is impacting you and what planets this retrograde will come in contact with in your natal chart. But what won't be so subtle is the fact that Mars is at the 29th degree of Taurus today and couldn't be happier to be getting out of dull boring earth sign Taurus. Not that your Taurus's are boring in the least. But you are a little slow, until your fuse has been lit. Well today Mars just might be the match that lights that fuse. This does not have to be a bad thing, just depends on what and who needs a fire lit under their butt!! So all earth related things like the ground getting shaken up, money issues, stubbornness. The energy is intense, so just be aware, and work with it to manifest your desires, instead of having something or someone manifest them for you. Unless you really trust your personal shopper that is!! I don't like to fear monger, but Mars also rules accidents so again just be aware. It is also a good day to look at your chart so you know if you have planets at the 29 degree mark anywhere in your chart. Those areas will feel this the most, and probably have started feeling it the past few days. Just breathe peeps, just breathe!

Love and Light!!

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