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Energycast March 25, 2019

I had a few friends lose family members over the weekend so I am sending them love today, please join me.

Our general energy card is the 7 of Wands. This card is one that appears when we are faced with something that we simply don't agree with. We are standing up for a cause, standing up for our self-worth, taking a stance period. The 7 means it is something we are guided to do and the wands say we will do so pretty passionately. You are a force to be reckoned with today, but in a positive way.

The love energy is Listen with your Heart. This is where your love journey really begins. Love is not about the ego, it is about the heart. Stop letting your ego get in the way, which means let go of all of your physical attachments and blocks to love. As long as we put walls up, we block love from growing. We either keep love out or we keep our love in. Today sit with just the emotions you feel, not the words you hear and make the right choice.

The action/advice card is from our Goddess Mama Killa and she speaks to the natural ebb and flow of life. This is a time for tuning into your intuition. The Moon moves very specifically and follows a pattern in the sky every 28 1/2 days. The tides follow the same pattern. The same is true of your life and your relationships. There is an ebb and flow pattern. What phase are you in right now? The above says you are ready to take your power back, stand up for what is right and bring about change. And what is right is Love.

The numerological energy is a 4. We are strengthening our inner foundations.

The astrological energy will have Mercury retrograde conjunct Neptune for several days. This is intense energy on an emotional level. Our spirituality is being put to the test, our need for intense connections is strong, our subconscious fears might be coming up with a vengeance. But Mercury retrograde might make it difficult to fully express ourselves in a healthy way. So like Mercury is doing, slow down, take a look at the connections that are being brought to you at this time, and pay close attention to the message that is there for you. Pisces is very psychic energy and messages from the other side, from family that has passed on, perhaps in our dreams, or even just in our waking moments will be very prevalent. The Sun is in a nice trine with the Moon today. This means our intuition will be very strong. Listen.

Love and Light.

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