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Energycast March 24, 2019

Today we are inspired to get stuff done, and done well!! Hello yardwork! Or maybe it's that closet that has been haunting you. And if that doesn't do it maybe you want to come over and help me organize my garage!! :) . Or maybe you will finally clear the air with that person you are in conflict with.

Our general energy card is the Page of Earth. This is a card for a new beginning where projects or money is concerned. The page's bring news to the Kingdom, something important that you need to know. It can bring with it a new source of income. Someone might even pay you back a debt they owe to you. This is youthful and very positive energy, which is a great way to spend a Sunday.

The love energy is Practice Compassion. Keep in mind just because you are compassionate towards someone and their situation does not mean you need to own it. However, you do need to stop judging them and let them just work it out for themselves. We all learn through experience and sometimes we have to lose something in order to change our behaviors or at the very least our thoughts. So just recognize that those you love might be struggling, and the best thing you can do for them is let them learn their life lesson. And no i don't mean you should let them hurt themselves or others. But don't just take the easy route, like picking up your kid's room because it is driving you nuts. Don't own their mess, yes sometimes means literally. :)

Our action/advice today comes from the Goddess Nike, and she says you will be a champion and a conqueror today. We are very ambitious and moving pretty quickly to get things done. Set your intentions to conquer your goals and you will achieve them. Look for anything that has been holding you back, vanquish that, and dig in and do the work. Just like that the thing you have been dreading will be done!

Our numerological energy is the 9. See you can finish up that project you have been putting off!

The astrological energy is all about the Tsquare between the Moon, Mars and Venus. Hello Love triangle. Literally a tsquare visually is a triangle. So Mars wants action, but the Moon is standing across from him saying you can't act without taking my feelings into consideration, and Venus is there saying can't we just focus on love. You need to slow your roll today. This can be a very passionate day, leading to many misunderstandings. You might act and say things you don't really mean in the heat of the moment. Remember Mercury is still moving retrograde and now conjunct with Neptune. If you are not careful you can get lost in the fog. But if you use this energy wisely, channel it for your highest good, you just might be able to finally clear the air on something that you started in mid February. This love relationship will require some effort and you need to practice compassion and do the work. If you do, this time will be something you look back on as positive. If you just get caught up in all the dreamy energy, you are going to make a mistake and really regret it next week when Mercury moves forward again.

Love and Light!

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