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Energycast March 2, 2019

The energy today is very pleasant and great for communicating with those we love. The key is to communicate openly and honestly.

The general energy card is the 3 of Autumn/Pentacles. I keep looking at my cards and making sure there is actually some other suits in there!! But the Uranus energy is just strong, and as this planet is about to enter Taurus next week, we are getting a lot of financial energy. The 3's represent a coming together. The pentacles representing money and career today are showing us that we can learn from a mentor and take our skills to the next level and this will have a positive impact on our finances. This is a day to open ourselves up to learning and accepting advice from those who know what we want to know.

The love energy is Take a Chance on Love. This makes it a great day for taking advantage of the Venus, Moon and Mercury energy. These 3, hmmmm 3, are joined together in harmony. This means we can be inspired today by love, beauty, art and music. If you are lacking motivation at all today expose yourself, no not like that! Immerse yourself in the arts, in music, in the outdoors where you can get inspiration from Mother Nature. From this place of creativity you can move love forward in your life. This is a message to take a risk where love is concerned. Take action from a place of love today once you have plugged into this energy. And look for messages within song lyrics, romcoms, art....there is inspiration there for you.

The action/advice card from our Hindu Goddess Saraswati is all about Mastery. This is really a perfect blend of the messages above. You can't get by with just mediocre in the area where creativity is strongest in your chart. This is about going deep and truly exploring and mastering your craft. Taking advantage of a mentor to get you to the next level. There is no failure as long as we pursue our craft, master it, and then make a difference in the lives of those around us. You never know the impact you might make on someone else. Even indirect contact with someone can be life changing. What do you want to master today?

Our numerological energy is a 7. This is our connection to the Divine. There will be fated events in love today. You must plug into your intuition so quiet time is required.

The astrological energy besides what was mentioned above sees Mercury conjunct with Chiron, the wounded healer. This is what your Mercury retrograde is about. These planets, well one is actually an asteroid, meet up and have a discussion about a very personal wound. Now Mercury could just pass on by, but whatever he feels from this connection makes him want to go back and re-do something so he can clear it once and for all. If you are uncomfortable with your subconscious mind the next 3 weeks will be crunchy. My advice is to clearly see what Mercury is trying to show you right now. What has been going on for you over the past several weeks? This is the area that needs to be healed. What trigger are you seeing? As Mercury goes retrograde on Wednesday morning PST you have a chance to go back and review these triggers and make peace with them. This is your mind needing a reset, a spring cleaning, a purging of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. You have 3 weeks to complete your deep cleaning and then this planet will move forward and test the waters, literally he is in Pisces after all. We will talk a lot about this energy over the coming weeks. If you want to know how this will impact you it is a great time to book a reading. We will look at the house and planets impacted during this transit and how best to prepare to use this energy. You might have a feeling of being stuck in traffic for the next 3 weeks. How can you best bide your time? Your chart can show you that.

Love and Light!

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