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Energycast March 1st, 2019

Rabbit Rabbit! Hopefully you all remembered to say this first thing in the morning and now will have a lucky month ahead, which we might need with Mercury going retrograde.

Our general energy card today is 2 of Autumn/Pentacles. This is a card that speaks of the up and down cycles in our life, and pentacles are money. Wherever you are in your own personal cycle you might experience a shift one way or the other. The 2's also represent our partnerships and perhaps there is something in your finances that needs to be balanced out. Even money is a relationship with the universe. So if you don't have what you think you need, this is a great opportunity to check in on your vibration where money is concerned. Money is energy. When you give you get where energy is concerned. This is why we chase the high, because when we make the effort we get something back. Money works exactly the same way. I expect an active day ahead for most of you.

The love energy is Demonstrate Love. This is a day where we want to make the effort for our loved ones. This is bringing home that special dinner, making impromptu plans, picking up those unexpected flowers. Whatever your partner's love language is, today is the perfect day to make the effort and show them how much you care. This applies in all areas of life not just love relationships. We all have a love language, something that makes us feel truly appreciated. Express that with the one's you love and it will be a wonderful day.

The action/advice card is our Goddess Kali. She is a no nonsense Hindu Goddess much like Pluto. She wants you to break free from those things that keep you tied down, hence the 2 daggers. And as you can tell from her stare she is rather intense and determined to set you free today. There is no time for playing small, no time for playing victim, no time for excuses. Everything in your life is exactly as you have created it, don't like what you see then grab one of those daggers, no don't stab me with it, and cut those cords that hold you back. Real transformation takes risk, takes going somewhere you have never gone before. It might mean cutting ties to someone that keeps you living in the past. To get where you are going you need to let go of fear, attachment, and cut out the crap. Seriously this month is about making a plan during Mercury retrograde and then fearlessly attacking that plan and taking no prisoners. Good lord I think this might take 2 cups of coffee today!! This is go big or go home energy and it ain't taking no prisoners.

The numerological energy today is a 3. We are tapping into our creativity in order to shine brightly, get recognized for our efforts and advance in some way.

The astrological energy is an intense square between Uranus and Venus. This is our Goddess Kali at work. While Venus represents love, beauty, self-worth and money, with Uranus involved the impacts to your relationships may definitely have that 2 of Autumn feel. Up and down, up and down. The square means we need to make a change. Something we are doing isn't actually meeting our needs in one of those areas, maybe all of them. Out of the blue something might push you unexpectedly to make a change. So be ready for anything! This energy is big, both planets are at the 29 degree mark, which is last and most potent, and we have 2 planets here and in a square. INTENSE is an understatement. Venus hasn't loved Capricorn, she loves the output of the hard work from Capricorn, but not necessarily all the effort part. Her parting gift may be a financial one. Uranus in the last degree of Aries has a final shot to help you out with taking your power back. Don't be too surprised if you decide to stand up to someone today that you never thought you could or would. Then Uranus moves into Taurus which is ruled by Venus. It's almost as if the Universe is making a statement about how impactful this shift will be. Set your intentions for how you will work with the energies, don't get worked over by them instead.

Love and Light.

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