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Energycast Feb 16, 2019

Finally free of our stalker cards we jump right into a fresh look and a 3 day weekend. For those of you with time on their hands today come see me at the Masonic Temple in South Tacoma. Curious about the cards and astrology? Don't want to do a reading over the phone? Looking to avoid doing that yard work after the storms? Come see me!! I will be there from 10 to 4.

Our general energy card is Perspective, which in the traditional tarot is the Hanged Man. The story of this card is of a man who hung himself in a tree upside down for enlightenment. No food or water for days. Fortunately you don't have to go to that extreme. This message is important as it repeats itself in our action/advice card today. Now that we are taking stock of the action we have taken over the last few days we might need to let the dust settle a bit. This is a good day to evaluate the mess we might have made if Mars was a bit too much of an influence for you. Rome was not built in a day, and Mars can get pretty excitable. Pause and reflect and give yourself a bit of a break today if you got a little too caught up in trying to save the day. There is a situation in your life that needs seen from a different point of view.

Our love energy is Express Love Through Gifts. Who are you thankful for today? How do you show the one's you love just how thankful you are. Maybe you didn't give your Valentine's a gift when you know you should have. Well today that gift will mean even more because there is no reason to give one other than you care. If anyone in your life is doubting just how you feel about them, make the effort to clear the doubt today. And remember you get what you give, so if you feel a little unloved, this is a great day for reaching out and rebuilding those connections. Friends, family and lovers.

Our action/advice card is our good friend the Observer. We sure do get reminded a lot to stop trying to control outcomes. How the people around you are behaving is about their personal issues, not yours. This is where we can benefit from the Perspective card above. If you disengage you might just see this situation for what it really is, not just how it appears to be on the surface. If someone in your life is pushing you away, picking a fight with you, or generally not acting like themselves, pause instead of reacting. And yes I know this is much harder than it sounds. Even if you already reacted poorly you can still pause now and reflect and let your intuition guide you as to what is really going on here. Now this does not mean you have to accept this other's persons behavior. But you won't be stuck in their negative energy or your own if you let the emotional charge go.

The numerological energy is an 8. Which encourages us to use our inner strength, blast you stalker message, and our manifesting skills. Just when I thought we were graduating from needing reminders about inner strength. Fine I won't eat that extra chocolate today!! Man the universe is really on my case lately. :)

The astrological energy is rather dramatic today and for the next several, building up to our next full Moon at 0 degrees, this one in Virgo. But before we get to that cleansing healing energy we have a bit of housekeeping to do. This is why we need to be in observer mode today, the Moon our emotions and security, is standing across the sky from Venus, love, beauty and money, and conjunct to Saturn our restrictive planet. There are so many triggers for us today! The moon is also making some dreamy contact with Neptune. So we want to live in the fantasy world, but Saturn is there to tell us to get real! This is not a fantasy and poor choices are still poor choices, even if you pretend they aren't. If you are making poor choices in love, money, or self image, expect to get hung up by your right foot and shown the true perspective. This is the wakeup call you needed, but may not have realized. So no you don't need that expensive item, that person is not the right one, and those pants don't make you look fat. See there is some good news!! At the end of the day just be realistic, otherwise the full moon on Tuesday will come in and clear things up for you anyway.

Love and Light!

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