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Energycast Feb 10th, 2019

Sweet Sunday has arrived. It's another day for having fun with loved one's and celebrating our joys. Don't forget if you are looking to understand your love life, career options, or even just your children, a synastry reading can shed a lot of light. And right now these are 20 percent off in my Valentine's Day Special.

I am switching up the general energy cards to some of my Angel card decks. Today we have the 3 of Raphael, which is the energy of Love and Healing. Whenever you are sick of heart, mind or soul, this is who you call upon to bring to you his healing green light. And today all of the cards have green in them. This is a day for healing and celebrating that healing with the 3 of Raphael. This card symbolizes having something to celebrate. The cups represent love of course. Often this card brings women together to celebrate some news, birth announcement, pregnancy, engagements, anything having to do with love. Since 3 represents the creator it is something that is celebrated because of the joining together of at least 2 people. I would expect some sort of good news.

The Love energy is Slow Down. Hmmmm someone must know we are mostly snow bound this weekend. But in reality this is a good day to rest our minds. Stop worrying about the next step and the next and the next. Focus on just the here and now. I like the visual in this picture because it seems she is unraveling her thoughts, letting them just flow away form her mind and because of that she can finally just sleep peacefully. So is this person the one? Who knows? Well the universe does. But that will be revealed in time. For now, just enjoy the moment. Will you get the job? I don't know, but right now enjoy the pursuit.

The action/advice card is Happy Happy. When we do all of the above we can't help but be happy. When we follow our guidance, and are on the right path we do feel naturally happy and at peace. And what makes you happy doesn't necessarily have to be what other's consider happy. Be in your happy place today. Only you hold the key to what that is. No one else does, and at least they shouldn't. If you give your key away to other's then you are giving your power away. No one should have control like that over your life, not the past, not the present and not the future. If you have lost your key, then today spend some time, slowing down, and remember where you left it. Then go take it back.

The numerological energy is an 11, a master number of service, that reduces to a 2. It's a day for offering our support to those we are in a close relationship with.

The astrological energy is all about taking our power back. We have the Moon, Mars and Uranus in a conjunction at the last degrees of Aries, which represents the self. Then we have the Sun in a semi-sextile with Pluto, self-empowerment, and lastly we have Mercury switching signs into Pisces, which gets our subconscious mind really activated. I expect aha moments, deep realizations, and a dreaminess when we slow down today and just listen. These next 2 months that Mercury travels through Pisces are going to give you lots of time to deal with the subconscious mind. If you have been thinking about any kind of therapy; talk, hypnosis, meditating, now is the time to pursue these. Mercury will retrograde in Pisces so this energy will be with us for awhile. Mercury is an Air sign, and Pisces a Water sign, so it is said Mercury doesn't like it much there. Water is H2O, not H2O2, you know adding in too much air would change the element, and I am sure that stands for something I don't remember now. But when someone comes in and changes things it can feel uncomfortable, and this discomfort will be there for awhile. All while Chiron moves into Aries. We are being pushed to change, to find ourselves. So be open and see where this energy is trying to guide you, it will go much easier when you do.

Love and Light!

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