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Energycast April 8, 2019

Monday already? Say it ain't so! This is going to be a very interesting week ahead. Monday and Tuesday will set the foundation, and then the fireworks are going to happen.

Our general energy card is the 5 of Water/Cups. This is our emotions, love, how we feel. With the 5 things are changing and they just are no longer what they used to be. But while we are focused on what we have lost, we are missing out on what is still very good in our lives. Today's message is about being thankful for the things in your life that are good. No matter how small, say a thank you to them. If you get a green light, thank you angels. If you don't hit that car that swerves in front of you, thank you angels, if you don't drop that glass in your hand, thank you angels. Once you get into this place of gratitude then more things will continue to appear that you can be thankful for. Trust me this is a great place to be, so play along and see what you can create from this energy.

The love energy is The Heart of the Matter. This is about going a little deeper to understand what is actually going on in your relationships. What is occurring on the surface is almost a distraction right now. You need to disengage, and figure out what this trigger is all about. Are you projecting onto your partner, or are they projecting onto you? Are you seeing in others what you dislike? If so, it's a good day to question why you are needing to see this about yourself. Here is an example I see often, disrespect. We get upset when other's are disrespectful to us, yet they are showing us that we actually don't respect ourselves. Whether this is conscious or subconscious you need to face repeating patterns/people in your life. Even if you just get curious, don't react, and decide, hmmmm, I need to explore why this is happening. That can be enough to start to shift things. But you have to go deep if you want to clear it permanently. Are you showing the universe you don't respect yourself by being unhealthy, drinking or eating too much? Are you staying in relationships with people who truly only care about their own needs, and don't care about yours? There are so many little ways where we show ourselves we don't care about what happens to us. This is a day to look at little closer at why.

The action advice from our Goddess deck today comes from Mother Mary, and it's Miracles. For miracles to show up in your life you just need to have faith. Notice I said faith, not proof. You don't have to understand why something happens, you just have to accept that it did, and there is a divine power working for your better good. Mary didn't say it isn't possible I cannot possibly conceive a child in this way! She just said, if that is your will, then so be it. I don't know why I need to have this child, but I trust that he is important. Imagine if she had doubted this messenger? Imagine if she said ummmm no thank you, I don't want to get fat and have stretch marks! :) . From your place of gratitude today you have the power to create and accept miracles in your life. Amen to that!

The numerological energy is a 4. This is inner work that allows us to see what is really going on around us, and make necessary changes.

Astrological energy has Mercury making a sextile to the South Node and a Trine over to the North Node. I see these contacts coming up this week as choices that we need to make. Mercury makes first contact and then our Ego/Sun will make a square a few days following. This is a fated event that occurs this week. A message you receive, a contract, maybe even a karmic one. You will make a decision and then the ego will come in and make you doubt it, don't. We are moving away from government, structures, all work and no play. We are leaning towards home and family. The choice you make should be the one that nurtures you and others. If it is only self-serving, it is not the right choice. I am going to say this everyday this week, find your happy place, stay grounded, and don't react out of anger, or spite. Put yourself in a time out if you have to. But see the big picture before you take any action that does not serve you over the long run. And if you struggle this week reach out to me. I will help you pause and breath!

Love and Light!

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