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Energycast April 26, 2019

TGIF! In the epic words of Barry Mannilow, looks like we made it! Or at least we made it out of bed and are determined to make it through the day!! Let's see how we are going to do just that.

The general energy card is the 6 of Summer/Cups, which means now I am singing like Olaf! Apparently it is a musical sort of day. But seriously this is another indicator of someone from your past, even as far back as your childhood making an appearance, or you are being driven to reach out to them. This is playful childlike energy and hence the singing, however if singing isn't your thing, then tap into whatever childhood activity you used to enjoy. The six also represents balance and being open to both giving and receiving. Expect that someone needs your support or you need their's. This is beautiful energy especially on a Friday.

Our relationship goals today are No Place Like Home. This again speaks to the past and the comforts of people who feel like home to you. You will either want to reconnect with someone from the past, or already are, and it feels like home. That is just what feels good to you right now, and sometimes we just need some comfort 'people' around us. If you are meeting someone new and they feel like home to you, then this just might be something that has a chance to blossom into something more. This applies to all relationships, friends, animals, lovers, we are just feeling good with one another.

The advice is from our Goddess Morrighan, who speaks of Death and Magic. If you are delving into the past with someone today, be it friend, lover or work mate, you have a chance to bring a new life to your relationship. This is not about reliving the past. If you do then it will just end up in the same place. This is about seeing things from a new perspective in order to bring new life to a past situation. But if you see this person as you always have, looking for their flaws instead of their strengths, the cycle of the past will just continue. This is also a message of letting things die that no longer serve you. Detach in order to let this situation follow it's natural course. If you have been tending to, nurturing, and fertilizing the heck out of that plant and it still looks dead, it is. Put your energy back into yourself instead, and watch what new blooms show up within you.

The numerological energy is the 3. We have been seeing the double six message a couple times this week. We are really being pushed to find our balance this week. The 3 energy is why I started out with the singing. We are feeling creative today, and when we tap into that beautiful things will unfold for us.

The astrological energy is intense, and yet it feels like it is purposeful. We are being guided on a new path. The exact square between Mars and Neptune is trying to pull you out of the fog. They are loosely in a tsquare with Jupiter, although it is a bit of a stretch. So if you are feeling like the universe is pushing your buttons this could be why. You need to see things clearly, and the more fog that surrounds you the harder the wake up call could be this weekend. But just remember the purpose is so you reach your highest good. Saturn with the South Node will be pushing you to face your fears, and it isn't going to be a quick process, unless you decide once and for all you are done living in fear. If you do, then Saturn will show you the way, and give you time to do it comfortably. So just don't wait until the last minute and in a panic have to let something go, because that will feel like a bandaid getting ripped off. And having experienced something physically being ripped away from your soul it's not a pleasant experience, I don't recommend it. But one way or another you are going to grow and find your way. Choose your path wisely.

Love and Light.

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