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Daily Horoscope June 25, 2019

The moon is joining with Chiron as the day begins giving us clues on our healing journey. For some this happens through the love of another.

Our general energy card is the King of Fire/Wands. Which speaks to reaching a new level where our passions and our creativity are concerned. The King is master of his domain and provider for his people. You are either interacting with this person today or you are this person. If you are interacting with this man in a romantic way then passion is high on the agenda. This is a man who swoops in and sweeps you off your feet. If instead you are just feeling like the King of Wands then you are very motivated to create something with passion. Either way it makes for a fun loving day full of fast moving energy.

The relationship card is the Soulmate card. Well lucky is the woman who meets her soulmate today that is the King of Fire/Wands! This is a relationship blessed with lots of passion. A soulmate doesn't have to be a romantic relationship, many of our family and friendships are with a soulmate. This means today we have lessons to learn from our partnerships. A soulmate shares a life contract with you and helps you on your souls journey. Be open to learning a lesson with your soulmates it will bring you closer together.

The Goddess energy of Nike says all this passionate energy has us fired up and ready to conquer any obstacle. We are feeling ambitious as a result of all the firey energy and it helps us achieve a new level of success. You know exactly what you need to do today to achieve your goals and you do it gladly. When we know what we want and we feel inspired to go after, there really is no mountain too high or valley to low to keep us from our goal. You soulmates just might show up to help you conquer a task that has been blocking you for some time now. Make sure you express your gratitude.

The numerological energy is an 8, which represents our inner strength. We really are quite a force to be reckoned with.

The astrological energy has the Moon conjunct with Chiron to start the day. We are intuitively guided to heal something, and we feel very strongly about the need to do so. At the same time the Sun is starting its square over to Chiron. This wound to the ego is being highlighted in order for us to see it for what it is and release it so we can heal it. The Sun is also in a sextile over to Uranus. This pain we are acknowledging might be something that we thought we had put to rest some time ago. Uranus loves to surprise us, but this time the surprise just might be that you aren't as triggered as you have been in the past by this 'pain'. You have been doing the work and this time won't be like the last, you are leveling up this issue and ready to set it free once and for all.

Love and Light!

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