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Daily Horoscope June 21, 2019

Happy Summer Solstice! Our longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest to our neighbors in the Southern Hemisphere. Always a good day for reflection.

Our general energy card is the Justice card, number 11 in the Major Arcana. This is a day where Justice will be served. Wrongs will be righted, and fairness rules. This represents all things legal today as well. Signing contracts, like the sell of a house, a marriage license, a new business partnership agreement. This is a day for bringing the scales in your life back into balance. The other symbolism of this card is the sword, so we have some clutter to clear away whether on our desk, in our minds, or out of our very souls.

The relationship energy is Yang! Woot woot we are taking action in our partnerships and by action, well you know what I mean. We are moving forward, we are getting out and doing things together, we are telling others how we truly feel. Even in our friendships and with co-workers we are the one taking the initiative, putting our ideas out there, getting things off the ground. Yang is related to Mars the planet of action and let us not forget war. So just remember to check in and not steam roll over anyone in the process. But if you have been looking for a day to get things done, this is it.

The Goddess energy is Morrighan again, man this transformation energy of Pluto just does not let up does it? And it won't for quite some time. The Pluto and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn exact later this year is meant to really push us to find our power. With Death and Magic today though we are letting go of that which no longer serves us and then we can watch the miracles unfold in front of us. When something dies it makes room for something new to grow. It is ok to mourn the death, but need not get stuck there. Letting this go means you are opening a new door to your future, and with the Solstice it looks very bright!

The numerological energy is full of 1's today! We have the 11 followed by two 1's. That means an 11:11 portal. This is an amazing day for manifesting. Don't let it pass you by!! All together these add up to a 4. We are shoring up all 4 corners of our foundation.

The astrological energy at 9 am on the West Coast the sun will move into Cancer, marking the start of Summer. This also shines a light on the Moon as the ruler of Cancer, which means we have a month of getting in touch with our emotions, our intuition, our desire for nurturing ourself and others. Happy Birthday to all you Cancers out there. Mars and Mercury are finally starting to move away from Pluto, still opposing but past the exact degree. We should have been shown something important about taking our power back and now we can take action on that. As if that isn't enough already Neptune has gone retrograde! We have a chance to go back and delve deep into our creativity, the things we keep hidden from ourselves, a chance to deal with addictions, or delusions. It's a wakeup call you want to answer. The negative of this is to go to the extreme with all of the above. This is a long lasting slow transit, not a bit bang effect like Uranus. Look for clues into what this represents for you by what has been coming up strongly while this planet was stationing to go retrograde. Wherever you have Pisces in your chart is where this will show up for you. And retrogrades also give us a chance to take a second look at something from our past. Should I tell you now we are also in the shadow period for Mercury retrograde? Home and family is going to go through a remodel. Now would be a really good time to clear out the clutter. If it doesn't make you happy, throw it out. And this is your physical home as well as your body. People, bad food, bad habits, and especially thoughts that do not serve us, need to go. If you do this, when Mercury comes back for a second look, you will be ahead of the game. Do the work and do not get attached to outcomes right now. Everything is changeable right now, everything.

Love and Light!

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