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Daily Horoscope July 2, 2019

Today the Solar Eclipse energy is off the charts. Since this is all about the Sun/Ego the experience will be very personal and dependent on your chart. And the eclipse is occurring at the exact moment I am writing this. Look for my separate article on all things New Moon Solar Eclipse and the impact by sign coming out shortly.

Our general energy card is the 8 of Air/Swords. This requires us to release the thoughts that are keeping us trapped from the new beginnings trying to make their way through for us with this eclipse energy. Thoughts, images, replaying an old argument over and over all serve us best by being released today. The truth is, the only thing keeping you trapped is yourself, or misguided self-talk. Whatever you have been holding onto, today is the day to release it and begin with a clean slate.

The relationship energy of Chaos and Conflict says these thoughts that keep us stuck are likely relationship related. There is something that keeps this conflict going round and round in your current situation. This is a good day for taking a fresh look and seeing what is really going on here. What is the true picture that is being hidden by all the posturing and arguing. What are you afraid to see or why are you afraid of being seen? Even if it is a tough conversation it is a good day to work your way through to the root of the problem and flush is out once and for all. Once you both see things more clearly a new beginning can happen for you.

The Goddess energy of Epona says you will use your Leadership skills today to get through the conflict and come out a winner. A wise leader admits mistakes, but does not dwell on them. A wise leader looks for a way to rise above the conflict where both parties receive some form of satisfaction with the outcome. And lastly a wise leader knows how to work on themselves first and then lead by example. This is a great tone to set with the Solar Eclipse New Moon energy. What can you clear out that is holding you back from embracing a fresh start where home and family is concerned?

The numerological energy is surprise, or is it? A one! Yep we are definitely welcoming in new beginnings today!

The astrological energy of course it's the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer at the 10 degree point, which of course, reduces to a 1. Whatever comes up for you today let it through. This energy is pushing you and pushing you hard in some cases to break free from the past. It is an eclipse because the Nodes are close enough to the Sun/Moon to have a karmic impact. The opposition to the South Node and Saturn at 17 degrees pushes us to release something, to better bring work life balance. Wherever you are out of balance you will be shown today, and then expect to work on this up to 6 months from now when we will have the full moon in Cancer. Karmic events of course don't have a timeline, but many will be introduced today, and we may not understand them right away, but with faith and time we will.

Love and Light!

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