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Daily Energycast Feb 7, 2019

We are ready to take action!

Our general energy card is the 10 of Earth/Pentacles. This means we have achieved a financial success. This is something that benefits not only us, but also those around us. We have a happy home and family life as a result of our financial gains. Especially if you had new moon energy in one of your wealth sectors, you can expect some rewards today! The number 10 reduces to a 1, so whatever you achieve today opens the door for new beginnings as well. This could mean a new job, new income stream, maybe as simple as lower gas prices so you can spend more on coffee!! Whatever it means for you it is good news.

The Love energy is The Only Thing that is Real is Love. This is a reminder from the Universe that the only thing you can count on is love, the arguments, the doubts, the fear, those are not real. Those are things we make up in our heads that keep us from growing into the awesome person we are meant to be. So the next time you are in a heated argument, pause and say to yourself, this isn't real. This is negative energy in the universe getting high off of me! I am giving energy to something that does not deserve it. Then tell that little minion to F off. I am serious. When you feel anxious, scared, mad, unsure of yourself that's that little minion. Instead you should laugh at it, tell it you got this and go away. And every time it tries to come back keep saying the same. Stop giving in and stop giving your power away. You were put on this earth for one reason and one reason only, and that is to Love, to create love, to spread love to as many people as possible. So how will you spread the love today?? Please remember lust, is not love....for those thinking you just got a free pass!

The action/advice card will encourage you to spread the love so please review my last statement. :P . When we sin Yin in the upright position it means we are taking action. And the good news is the New Moon has passed and we can see the little crescent in the sky again. This is the time to take action on those new moon wishes that I know you all wrote down and committed to. So we are spreading the love to the masses today and it feels good. It's like the old Coca Cola commercial, and we'd like to teach the World to perfect harmoney.....yes I did that on purpose. And you are welcome for the song in your head.

Our numerological energy is a 9 which means we are concluding something so we can have that new beginning.

The astrological energy is pretty fantastic today which is why I am weirder than normal. The Sun sextile with Jupiter expands our joyful energy. This gives us that uplift to our energy that helps us get started in a positive new direction. Add to that the sextile with Mars and Mercury and our minds are roaring and ready to go as well. You are literally on fire. Add to this a sextile between Pluto and the Moon, and needless to say you will take your power back today, you will stand up for yourself, and basically no one best mess with you. Have fun with this. But only 1 cup of coffee today! No one needs all that and an extra cup of coffee!!

Love and Light!!

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